The actress who plays Sa Ran was the sister to the lead in Paradise Ranch. She is understandably loyal. Sa Ran looks confused too. Hope to hear more from you both and from all fans of our new beloved NTOG couple. Even when it comes to telling Sa Ran about her real mother. It makes me hungry watching it!

She slaps him back. But it does seem like it is much more acceptable for men to have affairs. Her new mother- in-law seems really nice. Da Mo goes home and drinks himself to sleep and the next day his mum finds him on his bed with an empty bottle of what looks like whisky.. But then my knowledge on the country and citizens is somewhat limited and I welcome any tidbit that helps me understand them better. I came in late for this drama….. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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He hears that the woman he is searching for is dead. Speaking of the writer, I have a few choice words for Im Sung-han on account of how her previous eplsode ended but will incubate them until her current drama is over.

Just saw epi 47 and epi 48 raw and gisaenv for the subs. And she is not warm towards Ra Ra either. Ma goes home alone to his villa and pays a female dancer for a private show while he drinks whisky with flashbacks to his time spent with Sa Ran.

Stunned, she tells the waiter to throw the cake away and leaves in shock. He slaps her face. Anyway Gisaegn at 30epi now. Son Ja and his dad.

She has cooked a lovely meal but she is dressed in unattractive dowdy trousers — Buddhist monk attire. Hunting desperately for recaps and comments and suddenly tles upon thundie….

He apologizes for his rude behaviour and she episove him a drink to show there are no hard feelings! New Tales of Gisaeng episodes review: New Tales of Gisaeng Hangul: I think this is pretty harsh after all the years that they have known each other.


Posted July 18, Episode 18 to 34 are poignant and are the highlight of the show and live up to the show title. He thinks that if he watches the ceremony then he will be able to forget Sa Ran and get on with his life.

New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 21-30 review: other story lines

Personally, no amount of destruction to his character will make me like him less. It was a good drama despite its shortcomings and it was due to u lovely people’s contributions in making the drama even more fun to watch.

I felt sorry for Sa Ran and was disappointed that even though she rrcap up to her step mother, she falls for her manipulative tricks in the end too. Da Mo is still having problems at home and is frustrated about the way his dad treats him and his mum. Igsaeng Mo has another plan. Oh, raye, you have no idea how desperate determined I was to use that particular pic of Da-mo and his likeness as the main image and how long I tinkered with the title of this post just so it would made sense why I was using that image!

I’m not sure if the scriptwriter had the idea of making Soo Ra a portal for ghosts from the begining or not.

New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 21 – 30 review: Sa Ran and Da Mo

I have nothing against the actor, I just think their story is boring while what I want to see is our main couple. But his father is stubborn and refuses.

I cry no more. Rales, you know, this newbie can act. HwaJa hated SaRan from the beginning – because SaRan is prettier than her daughter GongJoo; after learning and then telling SaRan she is a foundling, she made her guilty for her father raising her by pushing her to become a gisaeng – she wants an easy life.


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The guy can act even though he’s a newbie. He has some explaining to do! His mum says his dad will go mad when he finds out and might cut him off completely.

Awesome description of the guy!! The friends are having a drink together and someone has let the secret out. Han explains that she is going to marry Dr. Where is the baby she left on the door step of Dr. Scenes that I would skip in least favourable order: Hope to see them as real lovey-dovey couple. Anonymous October 25, at 6: Gisaeeng only wanted a baby so she had an affair with him and left when she got pregnant.

I also love his lips…. He will do whatever she asks as long as they can be together. She checks with her dad that epixode is true and storms out. She says she will think about it! He just sits back and agrees with everything his wife decides to do.

How do I pull that off without looking too obvious? Posted July 22, Oh about her real family circumstances. He ends up leaving, knowing he is now financially on his episoe. Thank you so much for sharing bits of infos and pics about them. She must have had an ideal nee of him since rceap were so young when they dated.

Contrary to what others think, IMHO, the death of stepparents is the best way the writer could do to eliminate them permanently from the main characters’ lives.