Matt Turner Kate Kendall Even if they’re not your own blood. Full Cast and Crew. Harold’s Store Imogen gives Paige a cake recipe. No 26 – Kitchen: No 30 Toadie and Sonya discuss what to do with Georgia’s room now she’s moved out; their ideas include turning it into a gym, a man – cave, or a woman – cave. Deciding things will be tense at home, Imogen decides to stick around at the store and do some work Toadie’s assigned her. Why don’t we all have dinner together next week?

No 26 Kyle and Georgia are opening their wedding presents; they’re not even a fifth of the way through, and already they’ve clocked up 47 candlesticks, six sets of cutlery, and three sets of wind – chimes. Gretchen wants to talk to Toadie, so Imogen gives her his address and tells her it will be fine to go over there. Yeah, well, ditto, Jarrod. They are both excited about this but then realise it is sad they are so happy about a tax deduction. Kyle and Georgia, finally back home, reluctantly start sending thank you mails for the wedding gifts, mock around with their rude real opinion about some tasteless junk and accidentally send the one to Sheila. However, when she reads the article online it is exactly the opposite of what Josh wanted to happen, and he’s furious. Add the first question. What can you do in a woman – cave that you can’t do out here?

Hollyoaks 26th February Full Episode. Lauren explains that Bailey put her on the spot, and that she didn’t feel like she could say no after Terese reneged on her own offer for Paige to move in.

But I really need you to be okay with this. However, when she reads the article online it is exactly the opposite of what Josh wanted to happen, and he’s furious. To Josh’s horror, Imogen informed the newspaper behind his back about his school initiative and is given a terrible press.


As they’re talking, a woman comes in, whom Imogen recognises as Gretchen Kruger, a client she and Toadie are trying to suck up to. As neithbours as possible.

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Well I figured it’s about time Neighhbours did something not mean for you, seeing as we are sisters. They both seem to be enjoying themselves, but Nell takes one look at them and runs out of the room!

Georgia Brooks Scott McGregor It was created by TV executive Reg Watson, who proposed the idea of making a show that focused on realistic stories and portrayed adults and teenagers who talk openly and solve their problems together. I can’t tell you what a 6959 it is to have met you both!

Paige enters and says hello to Josh and Imogen, who apologise for the way Terese acted. They crack open the present from Honga — beer!

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Paige thanks them, and explains she’s now living with the Turners. Paige apologises for dumping herself on them, and Lauren suggests she go to get them some dessert.

In fact, if I didn’t have another meeting to go to, I would have asked to join you. Toadfish Rebecchi Eve Morey I know this is difficult. Harold’s Nfighbours Josh and Imogen are getting ready to head home, neighhbours Imogen sees that the West Waratah Star has posted the article about Josh’s talk at the school on its website.

You’ll be expected to help around the house, and because you’ve got a job, you’ll have to pay some expenses.

Everyone needs a home. General Hospital 27th February Preview. Sonya has an idea but then has second thoughts until Toadie tells her he wants to hear it Josh gets another text from the paper and when Imogen tries to push neignbours to putting his side of the story forward he firmly tells her no.


Between them, Toadie and Sonya make up some half – baked lie about not having any clothes as they were doing the laundry!

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Then again, I guess you never thought you’d have to deal with this odd family setup. Toadie and Sonya welcome the newlyweds home to Ramsay Street, and ask how the honeymoon went.

Full Cast and Crew. Videos Neighbours Soap Operas. Josh goes for a walk around the block, while Imogen sneakily makes a call to the newspaper. And is that what’s gonna happen? Karl Kennedy credit only Tom Oliver I never thought I’d have to deal with a stepdaughter.

Paige thanks them for their help, saying it’s been nice. And when family are struggling, you help them out. Lou Carpenter credit only Stefan Dennis So aren’t you gonna say something? What Terese and Brad did was understandable, but it wasn’t fair. But it will make an excellent scarecrow. Ten began screening Neighbours on 20 Januarytaking off neighhbours the previous series left off and commencing with episode Much love, Kyle and Georgia.

Matt asks why they changed their minds and Lauren explains it was because Terese was worried about Brad visiting Paige all the time if she moved in with the Turners. It did for Anne of Green Gables. No 26 – Kitchen: You guys aren’t very tanned. Imogen gives Paige an idiot-proof cake recipe. Matt wonders what Amber will think about Paige moving into her room, but Lauren points out Amber’s not living there at the moment and that Paige could have Lou’s room for now anyway.