Chris asks if inviting Mason to the BBQ is such a good idea. Kate says there’ll never be a reason for Georgia to be mad. Georgia and Kate come in and Georgia asks Kyle to help with the barbie. Lucas says he was hung up on Vanessa a long time, so Mason admits he still has feelings for Kate. He tells Mason that Kate’s changed since she was with Brennan. He challenges her as to whether her claim will stand up in court. He asks her if she wants to give it another shot.

They kiss and hug. She points out that Caroline might not be lying about Paul, but may just be desperate. Looking rather worried, Caroline remembers another appointment. Next on Neighbours Terese sets matters straight with Paul, but is left wondering what she really wants. Garage Mason asks Lucas how he and Vanessa got together, given she was engaged to someone else. Chris says that he thinks Georgia looks really happy. Garage Mason is hitting a car engine or whatever with a spanner. She runs her hand up his leg.

Kate says there’ll never be a reason for Georgia to be mad. He apologises, but says everything got on top of him. No 30, aka Kapoor – Rebecchi Solicitors Ajay and Toadie tell Caroline that it hasn’t done her case any good approaching Paul, and neither has accepting money to eoisode in court. Charlie’s Terese lays into Paul for speaking to Caroline. Kate is leaning on the fence.

She tells him that every time he called her darling or sweetheart, it was harassment. Toadie says it will be the first thing Tim brings up. Paul is not enthusiastic, and Terese says he really needs to think about what he does, because it’s harmful.

It was first broadcast on the Seven Network on 18 March He asks her if she wants to give it another shot. He tells Toadie to think about what advice to give Caroline.


They chat awkwardkly, then she asks why he broke up with Imogen.

Neighbours 30th January Episode

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Looking rather worried, Caroline remembers another appointment. Ten began screening Neighbours on 20 Januarytaking off where the previous series left off and commencing with episode Garage Mason is hitting a car engine or whatever with a spanner.

Georgia says she’ll be the first person he sees. She tells them that she was scared, and she needed a job. I was so pumped to see Georgia. She asks them what they’re going to do.

Paul is unimpressed, but she says she knows about his track record. Kyle and Georgia come in with an announcement: Chris says that he thinks Georgia looks really happy. She reminds him that under his watch, they’ve lost a manager, their 5 star rating and their receptionist is suing for sexual harassment.

Neighbours neiggbours February Episode. No 26 Karl is about to remove Kyle’s bandages, telling him he has to wear sunglasses outside. Lucas suggests a cricket bat, then asks him about Imogen.

Tomorrow on Neighbours – Kate tells Kyle that she can’t go back to Mason – Lauren is surprised that Mason was with Imogen – Mason and Josh argue – Brad asks Imogen about her boyfriend, claiming he’s interested in her life. It was created by TV executive Reg Watson, who proposed the idea of making a show that focused on realistic stories and portrayed adults and teenagers who talk openly and solve their problems together.

About Show — Neighbours is an Australian television soap opera.

Neighbours Episode Guide: 6655-6679

Chris asks Kate how things are, and she’s worried that Georgia knows. Karl removes the bandages, and Kyle see Kate as she walks in.

Mason says they broke peisode because she thought he was hung up on Kate. Harold’s – outside Paul tells Terese that following Tim’s discussion with Toadie, Caroline has accepted a small cash settlement. Videos Neighbours Soap Operas.


Paul says neihbours he won’t be paying up and if they go to court, it will be a long and fruitless case. So she’s organised a one day workshop for all heads of department, including him. She says it was horrible not hearing from him for three days. No 30 Sonya asks Ajay if he’s sure, and he describes what happened.

Mason comes out and comments that that people might think she was avoiding him, which she denies.

Chris asks if he’s happy, and Kyle says he’s stoked Georgia took him back. She runs her hand up his leg. He tells her not to be sorry – it’s about him not thinking about other people. She’s surprised it’s that soon, and he says it’s luck, although they’ve got a lot of work to do before then. She apologises for going overboard with the caring.

Previously on Neighbours – Terese puts Caroline on notice – Caroline seeks Paul’s help with Terese; he puts his hand on her leg, which Sheila sees. She offers neighbouurs take less, saying elisode deserves some compensation for what he did. Caroline storms out, and meanwhile Terese has come in, looking disturbed at what she has seen.

It was meant to be a fresh start. He reminds her that he paid her to lie against Mason, and that she’s neighbour a bag and other freebies.

Neighbours has since become the neughbours running drama series in Australian television and init was inducted collectively into the Logie Hall of Fame. They tells her not to worry because she has the truth on her side.