Episode January 17 th , Lucas ends up taking matters into his own hands after he begins to feel frustrated by the lack of progression by the police to find Chris’s attacker. Episode May 3 rd , Meanwhile, Jade confesses to Kyle Episode February 1 st , Priya is quickly making enemies as the new principal of Erinsborough High. Episode October 22 nd , Desperate to find out what’s going on in his wife’s head, Ajay confronts Kate. Episode April 19 th ,

Meanwhile, Kyle and Jade come to blows.. Rhys manages to impress Vanessa with the passion he shows for his patients. Priya may have realised that she loves her husband, but her secret is gaining serious momentum. Episode July 2 nd , Furious that Callum is refusing to have anything to do with him, Troy leaves the hospital to look for his son. Episode May 21 st , It’s the day of the Bachelor Auction! Episode April 9 th , How does Paul plan to frame Ajay? You’ve got till the end of the day to sort this out. When Sophie finds an earring in the lost and found at Lassiter’s, all the pieces click together for Rani.

Neighbours Season 28 Episode Episode

Episode June 18 thCallum begins to secretly go see Troy on the agreement that Troy will drop the case. Episode June 13 thToadie takes the family into a mediation session, hoping Jade’s evidence about Troy’s violent episods will win their case. Episode August 31 st So how do you find time to be principal and keep so fit?


Episode May 18 thKate looks smokin’ ahead of the Bachelor Auction – who will get her bid?

Episode April 23 rd Yeah, he does, he does. Harley brings the bags in. In an effort to get Susan out of the editor’s chair, Paul uses Summer to convince her to go to neighbourx overseas conference. Meanwhile, Chris confronts Andrew about his betrayal Kyle finds it hard to deal with Kate’s revelation Chris struggles to deal with Aidan’s lies, but he doesn’t want to abandon their relationship.

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Feeling smug, Rhys gives Kate a reality check – what’s she doing with her life? Episode May 2 ndLucas steps up to support Vanessa after being confronted by Rhys’s disapproval. No 24 Ajay’s video conferencing session has cut out and he says he’ll try again on his mobile. Meanwhile, Toad’s stress overwhelms him Rhys tries to make Vanessa jealous Episode October 4 thTension between Paul and Priya has reached boiling point; now they can’t keep their hands off each other! Episode June 25 thCallum is furious after Troy fails to keep his end of the deal and drop the intervention order against Toadie The day Lucas has dreamed of has finally arrived.

Ajay then receives a video conference call request on his laptop, regarding Jade’s singles boot camp. Callum refuses to visit Troy despite neiyhbours critical condition Episode August 2 nd Meanwhile, Summer reaches out to Tash Kyle worries he won’t be able to get through to Harley: Episode August 14 th Episode September 6 th Episode March 2 ndWith his insurance fraud attempt exposed, what dodgy business is Lou up to now?


Meanwhile, Kate’s plan to win Kyle’s heart starts to come to life Now that the affair is public knowledge, Erinsborough residents are choosing sides. Episode March 13 thMichael and Emilia’s relationship is blown wide neighbohrs, and Lucas reacts angrily.

Episode July 12 thLucas and Chris’s relationship becomes frosty after Chris helps Lucas work on the crib. Kate feels forced to work with Lou to keep Sheila off the scent Andrew is about to make a decision that could change everything – will Summer find out? Meanwhile, Lucas finds a neighbour way to get over Emilia. Episode Episde 17 thTash and Kate fight it out over the job at Charlie’s – will Tash’s sneaky ways win out?

But is that where the bigger bucks are? Meanwhile, Audrey isn’t feeling well Summer hopes that the night she spent with Andrew is a sign they’re going to get back together as a couple