All the participants were great. Bau Nyale, or the Nyale Festival, takes place every year in the tenth month of the Sasak calendar at a time close to the full moon, and was celebrated this year on 14 and 15 February on the south coast beaches of Lombok. Putri Mandalika adalah calon pewaris tahta Raja Lombok saat itu dan akan dinobatkan menjadi Ratu — karena kebetulan Raja Lombok tidak memiliki seorang putra pewaris tahta kerajaan. Those prices were great at archery. Once a year, when seasonal, marine and lunar conditions combine, the Nyale come to certain beaches around Lombok to spawn and, for a few days, the seas are filled with wriggling sea worms in a variety of colours, ranging from simple brown or pale cream to red and green. A few minute later, king Tonjang beru called his daughter princess mandalika soon after knowing the news on the war between neighbouring kingdoms to get his daughter. It is said that princess Mandalika was the prettiest girl in the whole island. Each – each of the Johor royal and royal consolation.

She was obliged to assembly those crowned princes, along with their people, on kuta beach on day 20, month 10 of the sasak calendar. This fairy tale is very interesting with a very romantic story and evolved through the narrative – parents who then arranged in the script about the legendary nyale. Values that content of the story of putrimandalikaare: Two princes fury accept it. They must be accompanied by all the people of each – each. The princess appeared before adzan. However, they cannot catch it anytime they want. Finally, she had an idea.


Unexpectedly – guess six princes came, and many people are coming, thousands of them. Each – each of the Johor royal and royal consolation.

nasksh After all, let me accomplish asceticism with hope I would get the best solution for this, Father. Princess Mandalika was a kind girl. He was a wise king. One by one, they came to propose her. She then stood up at the stone, looking at the mass.

Cerita Rakyat Indonesia Bahasa Inggris ( Putri Nyale )

The son of the King and the Prince came to the kingdom with the intention of marry Princess Mandalika. Kuta beach turned crowded on that day. Princess Mandalika was really worried. Finally, they all were fighting. But I can’t be all your wives. More sokol pie RAKA: Today I mqndalika established that I am for you all. Raja Tonjang Beru then realized that his daughter had returned as sea worms. Just as the sky reddened in the east, the beautiful and graceful princess comes with using a mandaliak that carried a gold-plated.

Inside the carriage was Mandalika dressed beautifully in royal silky clothes. She did not want the war to get bigger and hurt many people. They must be accompanied by all the people of each – each.

Cadet DatuBawal sent Arya and AryaTebuik to apply, with the threat of the destruction of the kingdom TonjangBeru when the proposal rejected. Princess Mandalika not budge.

Silver Ways: Putri Mandalika (english)

The king then held a competition at the Seger Kuta beach, Lombok. Di akhir pemikirannya, Putri Mandalika berdiri di tepi jurang yang berbatasan dengan Laut Lombok, dan keputusannya sudah bulat untuk tidak memilih satupun di antara peminangnya.


It was chaos on the beach. I want you all to have me, but not as your wives. She hated to make people sad.

From this, i wish that my sacrifice would be benefical to all you for now and kegenda. Miracle Nyale for Lombok Sasak tribe has raised a tale about the events that are spread almost throughout Lombok and the surrounding society.

His eyes are like like a star in the east. Thanks to putir the help from the king of country folk TonjangBerubecome prosperous, secure and prosperous. Hingga ia merasa bingung dengan semua pinangan yang datang. Would you please allow me to cope with that, Father? His daughter had just advised the king to be prudent in deciding who to choose as a companion.

Beauty and elegance of the princess heard by the princes drrama princes of the earth that divides depleted Sasak Lombok. What with all the feeling of power and smoothness, Princess Mandalika rejected. Children – children up to grandparents – grandfather came to the invitation of the princess on the ground.

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