You got a lot of nerve! Here are a few choice quotes that should serve as clues: Hopefully she won’t fall into a glass coffee table. Rayna’s girls meet Luke’s son Colt; Juliette becomes more and more jealous; Gunnar refuses to support Will and Layla’s plan; Maddie is forbidden to go to Deacon’s concert. Also, I totally get why he’s embarrased that Luke is his dad, solely based on this one exchange:. She hates it, she says, the cookie-molding, the hotels, the parties as I wrote before. Then getting up on stage probably always means that you in some way put on another persona, but that is exactly where she might have needed encouragement, to find that persona she felt comfortable with, not being pushed to be someone else entirely.

Full Cast and Crew. Here is the first and the third: Not that you’d know anything about that. Yeah, nothing new here. But no one told her that and really, this was something she figured out already on her own on the mini-break from being an artist, by the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

Mostly because his character revealed the age of the writer’s room. Juliette’s impression of Scarlett.

The opposites of Scarlett and Juliette Scarlett and Juliette in a way look somewhat spisode on the surface. I mean, Luke’s son is Justin Bieber? Layla Grant David Alford Add the first question. Music is not a hobby and Deacon is her dad, she needs to say these things out loud as to make them real and anshville her it is not something that can only be kept within the family. Season 2 Episode Full Cast and Crew.

And actually he does find a stage of sorts to do it on as well. You are not me. Here is the first and the third: What she did lack was a bit of self-confidence in her work as an artist.


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Scarlett sounds desperate and determined at the same time and Juliette knows what it feels like to be pushed to conform. Teddy Conrad Charles Esten Three elevator rides, a statement and a kiss.

Where Scarlett has the nashvulle self-esteem and bad self-confidence as mentioned above, Juliette is the opposite. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Luke Wheeler Christina Chang Rayna Jaymes Hayden Panettiere Cause one thing her upbringing did not give her was low self-esteem. This kind of behavior becomes a habit but Scarlett does it only to a point. That said, this is very much an episode about Scarlett and Juliette and there are some scenes that makes me enjoy it so.

Will decides to take to extreme measures denying or at least refusing to admit to anyone that he is a gay cowboy in the straight country world.

Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down

I loved Juliette’s straight talk with Scarlett, especially when the latter begged the former to fire her. Luke, all mature-like, tells Rayna that he will get past the fact that she has a kid with Deacon, but it’s gonna take him some time. Hopefully she won’t fall into a glass coffee table.

Like there is only one way to be sexy, that all women want to be sexy in that exact way and if you are not like that you are repressing your true self. She feels secure being herself…If only people would let her! In this case she wants to test her new song Fallingbut Juliette says there is no time to test a low-key ballad when they need an energetic show that makes reviewers write about it.

Megan Vannoy Aubrey Peeples Rayna has to deal with a super teenagery teenager, plus the news that she has a kid with Deacon. Find showtimes, watch epiwode, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your nashvlle movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


Juliette is the boss telling her what she needs to do: Twitter Facebook Google LinkedIn. Scarlett is the quiet introvert: Juliette, being Juliette, confronts Scarlett and basically tells her what we’ve all been thinking: Maddie is a teenager with her own thoughts and ideas that cannot be controlled as easily anymore and Rayna must consider the art of guidance instead.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. This nashvillr my second Favourite Nashville post. Everyone is out of the loop Leaving the tour behind for a moment and visiting the other characters, the common theme for them seems to be that they are all out of the loop. You have not cut any record, let alone sold any.

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Seriously, after talking to her parents, who dared to want to meet her future husband before they got married, she was easily persuaded by Luke to rush to the alter. The one who always falls in love too fast The one who thinks that this time love will last. The 91st Academy Awards won’t be the first without a host, but it will be the first time since Jealousy and rivalry makes her continue their argument and the powerplay is on again. Too bad Maddie has her “Maddie Claybourne” YouTube channel, which Luke finds out about and Rayna promptly asks Maddie to shut down in a scene that was painfully close to a Tami and Julie Taylor moment.