Sorry, but you can’t access this content! One of the first quests in the Alderaan bonus series, not listed here, is A Live Specimen, which rewards either a loot box or your choice of companion weapon. The Shield Tech tree turns the Powertech into a tank that can easily absorb damage and disable enemy targets. Both paths are adequate, offensively. Log in or sign up in seconds. Hey dulfy Curious how accurate this might be these days. Make sure not to include any spoilers in thread titles; to flair submitted content with the spoiler tag if it applies; and to responsibly spoiler-tag text when posting in a thread where the OP may have not yet beaten the games.

I have already reached that limit, if I add more all the torhead tooltips will be broken. The Jedi Consular seeks peace through diplomacy and wisdom, contrary to the aggressive tactics employed by the Knights. Please include bonus missions to Heroics. Defend the galaxy and fight for peace through the ways of the Force. Regardless, the reward for all classes follow a pattern. An Inquisitor is fuelled by the Willpower stat and uses the Force as their ability resource. Reddit now has sitewide support for spoiler tags in comments, and a flairing system for threads that may contain spoilers. You must decide which faction to side with and how to explore your role as an individual.

Armortech Much like it sounds, this skill allows you to construct armor, specifically medium and heavy types. The Sith Juggernaut advanced class grants the Warrior access to heavy armor and strong focus on single light saber combat. You may also want to consider your companions innate abilities before ordering them to perform skill related tasks.

The icons you see are not from dulfy but extracted from Torhead. The local government has its fair share of corruption despite being aligned with the Republic and separatist forces are beginning to have an effect on their stability.

The method is quite simple:. Their resource is Energy, which starts at and slowly builds back up when depleted. Wow, unbelievable information here. Treasure Hunting This skill goes hand in hand with the Artifice crafting skill.


Keep in mind that this list does not include any of the normal quests or any of the heroic dailies on Ilum or Belsavis that rewards Daily Commendations exception: Ancient Prototype Storage Box.

This skill pairs well with the Armortech, Armstech, and Cybertech crafting skills. The materials needed for armor crafting are obtained through the Scavenging gathering skill, and the Underworld Trading mission skill.

The Sniper is a master of long ranged attacks and gains access to sniper rifles. The problem is wasted potential.

Sith Juggernaut The Sith Juggernaut advanced class grants the Warrior access to heavy armor and strong focus on single light saber combat. They’re easy to use, and our rules require that you utilize comment spoiler tags in any thread where the OP may not have beaten the games, or in instances waljthrough the thread or OP specifically asks for the thread to be clear of spoilers.

You need walothrough javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Reinforced Prototype Storage Case3 http: I had completed that Korriban heroic quest about 45 days ago. The materials and compounds for this skill are acquired through Scavenging and the mission skill, Investigation.

Thanks for the suggestion though! With the Temple in ruin due to imperial occupation, the Republic’s negotiators in Alderaan were forced to comply with the Sith’s shxddaa. Gilded Electromesh Headgear — http: Your crew will be able to craft items at the workstation on your starship while you remain in the field.

There are four skills to choose from: Any suggestions for what to try would be great. Sniper The Sniper is a master of long ranged attacks and gains access to sniper rifles. Gilded Electromesh Bracers — http: Can I make one request.

Is that part of the bonus series or quest given by NPCs in the bonus area? The Chestguard looks very similar to the Gladiator Chestguard purchased from the Tatooine comms vendor. Both paths are adequate, offensively.


Heroic quests & bonus series and their rewards–Empire

That being said, the Guardian has the upper hand offensively thanks to their ferocity with a light saber. Knights of the Old Republic II: Was it implemented before or after my completion? The Hutts are comprised of cartels and thieves, who will stop at nothing in order to boost their wealth. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

The shared skill tree among Imperial Agents is Lethality, which enhances their damage over time from poisons, as well as area effect grenades. Each Advanced class includes the force-centric Focus tree.

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Sentinel DPS is the name of the game. The Concealment tree turns the Operative into a stealth damage dealer that is most efficient when standing directly behind a target. Synthweaving Much as the name implies, Synthweaving relates to the creation of light, cloth based armor.

The Powertech advanced class gives the Bounty Hunter access to a close range flamethrower and enhanced shielding. We will also detail the planets available to your character during your campaign as well as the Starships that take you from the remote chill of Ilum, all the way into Korriban, within the Seat of the Empire. The major difference between this class and the Jedi Knight Guardian, is the reliance on the Force rather than heavy armor.

The ability to boost defense through Kinetic Combat serves the players so well, that mixing in Infiltration skills is not a bad option to create a damage-dealing tank.