What do you mean by that? Beyza Saturday, 14 March at Newer Post Older Post Home. Episode 4 Are you going out, Saeki? Takamasa Saeki Season 2. Unknown Saturday, 8 July at

When you are finished with Saeki’s main story route, is it saved in your story album and you are able to read it over as many times as you like? Choosing the right answer will give you 10 Chemistry. I’ll gladly help you out with every problem or question you have. If you can’t decide which game or character you want to play, you might want to try the “Free Episode” for the Paid Version and the “Secret Kunian Chat” for the Party Version you can find that, if you go to “Select a Character, right under the Main Story describtion of the Character. Yeon Hyo Im Wednesday, 3 February at Episode 7 So soothing All other things, like your current Mari or Gacha Points amount, you can check on your “Status” page.

Otome Otaku Girl: [Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) – Takamasa Saeki Season 1

I didn’t think you cared B: Fochmistrzyni Wednesday, 4 March at Looks like you had crush on her. Yeon Hyo Im Sunday, 14 February at Anonymous June 16, at You have to play the Main Story again, if you want to read his story again.

Thanks for this walkthrough! You are absolutely right! Episode 2 A zoo Talk to Ren. Hahaha, we will all just pretend it’s the right place when they are obviously wrong. If you still didn’t get any prizes in your inbox, please contact Voltage Inc directly via the ingame support center, so they can check your account to see, if maybe there is a bug in the game.


Tell him to wait. It’s been helping me a lot!!

Kitty P Friday, 5 June at I can’t seem to get to super happy end even with the right answers in season 2’s. That’s totally unfair, we will need to use love passes when we want to reread a character’s story.

You have to pay for each Story, the Main Story should be around 3,99 USD, but therefore you can read through the whole story in one go. Yes, I’m his wife. And YES, you have to play through the whole story again, with all missions and checkpoints, if you want to get a diffent Ending. Elizadessa June 9, at 3: Are we allowed to? I’ll gladly help you out with every problem or question you have.

The forgd you get is not affected by the type forrged story you choose during the Avatar Missions. Episode 9 We always hold hands. Ibuki Mitsumine Release Date: No, it’s just like you said: You get double the chemistry and will be able fkrged reach the SHE goal easier. Want to Support Us?

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Anonymous July 21, at 1: Ok, I’m sure you are reeeally confused now, but what I wanted to explain is, that although you can read the Stories for free, it takes you a lot of time to read through the whole game. They too need to earn money and you still can read it for free. I want to do anything I can for him. Have Saeki introduce me.


My Forged Wedding: Saeki – Main Story – Episode 1

I’m sorry, I know I’m not much of help for you but there really is no other way Previous Post Next Post. Call out for Saeki. Tell him to wait. Anonymous Friday, 9 January at Zen ri September 29, at Episode 5 Is it weird?

If you got all answers right, you can reach max Chemistry. Have you seen Chiharu? I mean, seriously, Solmare I helped find Marco. As for the Normal End: If it’s only for your personal use and you don’t piblish it on the internet, then they should be alright with it.

Not like you have anything better to do.

Chemistry values needed for each ending are Super Happy End: Episode 9 I’m sorry! And is it okay to ask questions here if I have some?