The son is religious and does not want his father to lose out on the World to Come. Bambi waits through two daughters before he finally has a son. It stars Tali Sharon as Michal, in a fine but wasted performance. The upside down imagery is repeated through the movie. This advertisement will close in seconds It is located near downtown opposite the Supreme Court building and only a fifteen minute walk from the Central Bus Station and a light rail stop.

Maybe she never rebelled as a kid or never got to have fun staying out late drinking with other kids when she was that age and is only now getting to do what she always wanted to be able to do in her youth. Also the downtown area became less accessible and new commercial centers developed in other parts of town. I remember when I was eighteen and a student in Jerusalem, there were no fewer than ten different movies to see at any time in the downtown area, including at the five theater Orion, fifteen if you included the five theaters at Binyanei Hauma. Be in the know with GoJerusalem weekly newsletter. Latest posts by Gil see all Operation Finale: Gil Tanenbaum made aliyah from New York after he completed college. There was a rain storm that night and the domed roof leaked.

There is a beautiful view of town and Nachlaot from there.

I guess the Globus theaters will close soon. Michal hangs out with a bunch of teenagers drinking and smoking with them late at night in a playground. The first shot of the film is of an upside down panoramic of Jerusalem looking down from the area of the Knesset over Sacher Park and into the Nachlaot neighborhood. The building, on Shamai, was later converted into the Second Cup coffee shop which has since closed.


The upside down imagery is repeated through the movie. If you expect to spend — in addition to the 39 Shekels for a ticket — upwards of sixty Shekels and maybe more for a meal before the movie and then another forty or more Shekels for popcorn and drinks then I guess the VIP deal is worth it.

You can still see the old box office between the two.

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I try not to say a lot about what happens in movies which can make it difficult sometimes to give you an accurate assessment of them. Most are nameless and the leads are only given first names.

A major theme of Makom Be-Gan Eden is religious belief, or the lack thereof. It also offers free indoor parking and has fifteen screens.

I did not choose this option myself, so I cannot comment on the quality of the food or the special seating.

No I do not feel that way only because I missed the first half of the film. Bambi waits through two daughters before he finally has a son. Kasper’s Rabbit Show, moderated by Sunny Binyamini. Kasper’s Rabbit Showextreme sports competitions, band competitions, stand up marathon, movie marathon, alcohol free parties, discounts for youth at venues around the city and more It was night and raining so there was not much to see.

But most of what is playing now are holdovers from last year trying to cash in their successes at the Oscars, such as Twelve Years a Slave, and stupid action movies, such as the new and Pompeii. Entrance to all events is free! His son grows up to be orthodox. Doors open at We are not told at first what is happening and so we can be forgiven for thinking that it is the Six Day War, but you can figure it out from what is going on.


I do not a want to give too much of the story away. More than twenty years after it closed, the empty concrete hulk of a building still sits there, decaying. Learn how your comment data is processed. Rabbi Tovia Singer and the Threat of Messianism.

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Their entrances are opposite a balcony that looks down over the buffet which comes with a VIP ticket. My prayers were recently answered when Cinema City came to town.

The Jerusalem Tourism Map: The seats were all old, wooden and uncomfortable and the roof leaked when it rained. I certainly did not find theateg daring for Michal to be shown masturbating in the small room that her parents gave her.

To get there you go down an escalator and enter into a hall lined with life sized statues of famous movie characters. I desperately wanted a new modern multiplex with all theaterr the latest technologies to open in Jerusalem, preferably somewhere close to where I live in Nachlaot. Does the mother know what Michal is doing? I am not sure exactly what the director was attempting to evoke here. Is the story itself upside down?