Dick Stilwell as George Nugent. A young man fresh out of law school tries to win a reprieve for his racist grandfather who is on death row. Harve Presnell as Attorney General Roxburgh. On death row for many years, Cayhall has run out of appeals, despite the best efforts of his high-powered Chicago law firm, and a date for his execution has been set. Sam’s alcoholic daughter, Lee Cayhall Booth, slowly reveals the family’s tragic past to her nephew, Adam. This is a Grisham legal novel with a difference: In April , the office of Marvin Kramer, a Jewish civil rights lawyer in Indianola, Mississippi , is bombed by the Ku Klux Klan , killing Kramer’s five-year-old twin boys and leading to the amputation of Kramer’s legs and his later suicide. I Am the Night.

His body language seemed to suggest that he wouldn’t have killed the man with his daughter watching, but he wanted to take away her feelings of guilt. Gene Hackman also has some trouble in a very difficult role, although he’s much more effective in the later scenes, where he begins to realise his mistakes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’ve read everything there is. A young doctor confronts with a famous colleague, when he learns about the true methods of his work. There’s a hint of some deep, dark secrets from the past that could come back to haunt some of Mississippi’s political elite, but that never gets developed. John Grisham issues judgment on ALL his novels”. Post Share on Facebook.

Next up Here are more stories that look at the news with empathy, insight, and hope. A movie that you expect to be a courtroom drama actually turns out to be the story of a family and its past, as young lawyer Adam Hall Chris O’Donnell finds himself digging through several generations of family skeletons after he takes on the case of his grandfather Sam Cayhall Gene Hackmana racist scumbag found guilty years before of a Mississippi bombing that killed two Jewish children and now set to die in the gas chamber in less than a month unless Adam can find some way of commuting the death sentence.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. An inter-racial romance between the racist’s grandson and lawyer and the governor’s aide might have been an obvious direction to take, but it frankly would have been too obvious.

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Ken Colquitt as Vistor’s Room Guard. Suit Doesn’t Fit Grisham. Sam Cayhall Faye Dunaway Watch our trailer of trailers. Tried twice and acquitted by all-white juries, move was retried for a third time cayhalo the late s, convicted, and sentenced to death the case recalls the real-life case of Byron De La Beckwith, recently convicted, after three trials, of the murder of civil-rights activist Medgar Evers sxm the s.


Barry as Rollie Wedge. Lee also reveals how their father had been indoctrinated into the Klan as a child, showing Adam a historic photograph of Sam as a young boy attending a Klan lynching which Adam uses in his arguments before the courts. Jana Barraza as Gate Attendant. Which Lie Did I Tell? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. Eddie had blamed himself for the murder, as well as Lee, for failing to stop Sam, the guilt of which was a factor in Eddie’s later suicide and Lee’s alcoholism.

He added, “It could not have been handled worse by those involved, including me. Gloria Jackson Winters as Woman Guard.

The Chamber

Sam Cayhall, a member of the Ku Klux Klanis identified, arrested and tried for their murders, committed in retaliation for Kramer’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

The film is an important character study, as much as mvie it is a study of such afore-mentioned important themes s. Adam is sent by the firm to Jackson, Mississippi to take over the case and there reconnects with his aunt Lee Bowen Dunawayan alcoholic socialite who has managed to avoid public association with her infamous father, and who warns Adam about the dangers of dredging up the past.

Adam interviews the FBI agent who was in charge of the original case and realizes that Sam almost certainly did not commit the actual crime for which he has been found guilty, although he was present.

The Chamber is a crime thriller film based on John Grisham ‘s novel of the same name. The end result, though, was that Nora was a minor character.

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A great part played by Gene Hackman, with a good stoy, some boring parts, but worth a watch. It was a dreadful movie. Gene Hackman gives one of his greatest performances ever. Sam is convicted and sentenced to death by lethal gas.


Often muddled and confusing, with dialogue that rings false as loudly as a church bell. Audible Download Audio Books. Then you know nothing. After all, how can someone whose been brought up and raised in such a dreadfully racist and hateful environment turn out to be any better than Sam? By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Clee Cottel as Inmate. Bonita Allen as Ms.

Craig Pinckes as Rally Skinhead. Get unlimited Monitor journalism. Sometimes cayhlal dialogue seems a bit too articulate in the mouth of the person speaking it, but that’s a small quibble. For instance, Faye Dunaway as Adam’s alcoholic Aunt struggles manically, and gives a much too dramatic and theatrical performance for this film. Adam’s czyhall, the revelation of how much Sam’s hatred had destroyed his family, and his impending execution begin to affect Sam, and he softens, reconciling with Lee and expressing remorse for cajhall actions and the effect they have had on his family.

A young man fresh out of law school tries to win a reprieve for his racist grandfather who is on death row. Al S Super Reviewer. Cassandra Maples Super Reviewer. Many criticize this because it apparently strays quite liberally from the John Grisham novel on which it’s based which I’ve never read I admit. If you spend half as much time tryin’ to be a lawyer acyhall of tryin’ to be Dick Tracy, I might not be dead in five days.

The Gingerbread Man Mickey The Accused Theodore Boone: Just leave us a message here kovie we will work on getting you verified. Dan Beene as Lead Sheriff. Retrieved from ” https: In Aprilthe office of Marvin Kramer, a Xayhall civil rights lawyer in Indianola, Mississippiis bombed by the Ku Klux Klankilling Kramer’s five-year-old twin boys and leading to the amputation of Kramer’s legs and his later suicide. Inin Greenville, Mississippithe office of Jewish lawyer Marvin Kramer is bombed, injuring Kramer and killing his two young sons.

Greg Wayne Elam as Joe Lincoln. Views Read Edit View history.