The item fits like a glove! My cramps have reduced, and there is a great sense of freedom not having to bring stacks of tampons with me everywhere I go. The Moon Cup is pretty clean. I always hated using tampons and other such products, finding them uncomfortable and stressful to use. And you can empty it a lot less often than changing a tampon. They are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to insert and remove and you never have to worry about when to buy tampns or pads. I push the side of the rim with my thumb.

Women’s forums on Reddit couldn’t shut up about you. Oh well, I just have to wait a month. So I decided to try it, that was about 4 years ago. Not only would it make periods easier and cheaper to live with but imagine wiping out all that noxious landfill! Model 1, which is for fresh, nubile somethings. The item fits like a glove! Despite this, the cup leaked constantly.

I have recently changed career from shop work to gardening. I started using my Mooncup a couple of months ago, after a long time of considering it, and wow has it revolutionised my experience of periods! I had heard about mooncup about ten years ago but have only just got around to buying one and…. Having used it, I honestly cannot tell why anyone would go for anything else instead.

I used tampons before my mooncup and sometimes near the end of my period I would remove them and bits of cotton would stay inside. I first heard about the Mooncup 4 years ago, and after a couple of months I thought I may as well try it. I made sure to stick the stickers in public places, hordor that if at least one woman who struggled horrorr I did sees it and looks into it further, it will be worth it.

So mostly out of desperation, I ordered the Mooncup to see if it would help I was willing to try anything! This is a lie. I bought a mooncup, wanting to not only save money on sanitary products, but also to be more environmentally friendly.


No problems swimming too!!

I find the expensive of tampons so offensive — how dare we be charged so much when we have no choice? Now that I have a Mooncup my period mooncuo quite literally a breeze.

Oh well, I just have to wait a month. I will never look back. I have used it since then.

Mooncup is fantastic,thank you so much ladies!!! Tampons are just as bad as well as uncomfortable! Unlike other stoories, I forgot I had it in this morning when I woke. Mooncup saved my holiday, my mooncu; festival, my camping weekend,the list goes on.

Despite this, the cup leaked constantly. The cup is sooo comfy or more to the point unnoticable! My mooncup arrived last month, after umming about buying one for awhile… have to say I wish I had bought one sooner. I have always used pads because I hated the feel of tampons and the few times I had to use one, my vagina would get very irritated and dry.

Best part is no leaks! There was no fishy smell, as there always is with tampons! I had to make sure to plan activities around it, such a pain! Hofror you to everyone that was involved in creating this amazing product! Instead you gave me cramps, dryness and thrush. I had it on horeor holiday in France last year, and had to use it in toilets in camp sites, and it was just fine. I LOVE my mooncup!

First impressions… Well, today is the first time I have used my new mooncup…. How wrong I was! Do read the leaflet and advice on the website, it helps you understand how the mooncup works straight away. Mooncup loves me and I love her. You save money, dashing to the shops and emptying the oh-so-gross bathroom bin. I swear it was like coming home. mioncup


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I love the mooncup, as it feels cleaner, safer and better for your body and leaves nothing behind! Since I have started mooncyp Moon I have had no cramps, no dryness and no thrush. Anyway, I now realise that my vagina is not a perfect circular tube like I always imagined, but rather like a squashed donut.

If you can reach the stem, hang onto it when you stop to breathe, to keep the cup from riding back up.

An Ode Of Hatred To My Diva Cup

When my period came I used it. Be patient with yourself, and don’t forget that it can’t get lost in there! I honestly believe that all women should be provided with this product on the day of their first period.

Now I must get going.

The first time I removed it, I did so in the shower worried about splattering everywhere, but once I figured out the easiest way to remove it, it was really simple and not messy at all. No messy periods, no stress with clothes and a HUGE plus: I thought that it was something I had to put up with.

Thanks Mooncup you are a life changing discovery! Good bye messed up undies and bed sheets! It was a little awkward at first — I cut the stem too short and had some weird moments getting it in and out. Practice makes perfect, inserting is easy but you will have the odd mishap.