The setting is wonderfully originally, especially for those who love stories set during the time period but get tired of the same formula used over and over again. Sophie is totally over any romantic feelings for Simon by the time he moves in with Toby and Julia. Veronica being there for her when Sophia’s parents died. Anyhoo, have I convinced you enough yet? Yes, Madame Zelda does make at least one correct prediction! I often fantasize about the lives of other Montmaravians and would be definitely keen if you were to write more books about them- either pre or post Sophie.

So are there other journal entries and events that Sophia writes about but never refers to and we never read? Sophie was an amazing lead. I was just rereading The FitzOsbornes in Exile, and I was wondering if there were any adults living with the Basque refugee children while they stayed in the Old Mill House. Thank you , Laura! I think someone has already asked this! I just wanted to let you know how powerful and wonderful your books are. View all 25 comments.

Sitting a scant few hundred miles off the coasts of England and France, Montmaray and her inhabitants are a strange, quirky bunch. Was she even able to with the library destroyed? Meanwhile, he thought she was clever and sweet and fortunately, nothing like montmafay bossy older sister, Charlotte. Other books in the series. Thinking about diplomacy, I have a couple more questions sorry! The kind of book that reminds you of the spirit of one of your all time favorites and captures that same magic for you for this book it was I Capture the Castle.

Consider maybe Azorean emigration patterns for example. We are experiencing technical difficulties. This is really fascinating for me, mpvie a religious Jew myself.

I wish I knew more about Simon. I’ve no doubt it will stay in mine, too. I liked that honest voice of not being afraid to make mistakes. What was there relationship like? It was these soldiers trespassing on your home, breaking and entering, with a gun! I was wondering if there is any chance of a Montmaray movie? This is classified as “historical fiction” and while the entire Montmaray family and “kingdom” is the fiction aspect, many key figures and events of WWII are woven into the story so skillfully and seamlessly.


The FitzOsbornes at War. The distant allure of London and civilization beckon, yet crumbling Montmaray Castle holds fast to our narrator’s heart.

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Poor Toby did end up suffering quite a montmraay, though. They are so ridiculous it is kinda cute. A Brief History of Montmaray. I laughed out loud moontmaray Sophia figures out that something means something because of a novel she was reading Oscar Wilde! I am a self-professed history nerd and I loved the way you included historical fiction but it was subtle and very well written. If Toby and Simon are still very much involved, is that something their children pick up on?

Julia It is but very low key. The film and television rights to the Montmaray books have now been optioned by a US producer.

I have been meaning journalx write a comment ever since I went on your website. I would physically warn them not to bend the cover, I want to cherish this book forever and ever! Honestly, I interpreted the one night they had together as a combination of getting over Toby and the remnants of what she used to feel for him more than montmaday strong feelings she had for him at the time. And if given the chance would you write the script?

I love the Montmaray Journals. I just read all three books in one go. Mr Herbert and his parishioners in Milford and the FitzOsbornes helped, too. This book is just gorgeous.

I was instantly captivated by Cooper’s mournals and I liked Sophie’s voice and character. What are your thoughts? There are just times where I need more clarity. That’s another thing that is hard to do, perhaps harder than being funny. I was rereading the books and this question came to mind.

Still, this is a great first book and I definitely would recommend it! He feels around himself, even if he isn’t as book learned as his fellows. The plot starts slow but halfway through it picks up and jouenals let go until the very end. The second book gave me an opportunity to explore another area of interest, s politics and the causes of WWII and to write about pretty frocks and make fun of English Society. The plot kept me guessing and I was surprised more than once.


The author does an amazing job sharing the history of Montmaray, complete with quirky ancestors. A couple of months ago, a journxls sent a short list of recommended YA reads. What I love is that it goes from describing all the quirky, endearingly hum-drum aspects of everyday life as “everyday” as it can be for the few remaining members of the royal family of Montmaray in their crumbling castle on an island two hundred miles from anywhere in Europe to being this heart-pumping adventure of political intrigue and family tragedy and, ultimately, of hope.

I thought maybe you would like to watch it. This makes me so happy!

A Brief History of Montmaray

Plus, the books are supposed to be YA, and iournals are limits as to how explicit a YA author can be about a sexual relationship between two male cousins, one of whom is still at school when the relationship begins. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Gebhardt is mentioned in the epilogue as being one of the high-ranking Nazi officers sentenced to death at Nuremberg, along with Ribbentrop.

When she does refer to sex she calls it “It” and is very squeamish on the subject. Whilst A Brief History of Montmaray is marketed as a book for young people, Jouurnals expect some of them will find out more about such historic events as the Spanish Civil War than they could ever want to know, but that many journaos us older people, especially crazy romantic types with overactive imaginations, will love it.

A Brief History of Montmaray 2. Thank you, Lillian — so glad you enjoyed the books! I promise very little sci fi jouranls lots of historical fiction.