The point is, they announced a Kuroshitsuji season 2. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the fans had given the green light to the second season after that. Without Ciel or Sebastian?! Usually, anime works are based on manga to some extent. It wasn’t confirmed Sebastian and Ciel won’t show up. The promotional media of this anime had shown that two new protagonists have been introduced and were said to replace Ciel and Sebastian. Yes, you are right — nobody would really be able to match the chemistry Sebastian and Ciel had. I for one really like Claude and Alios.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Probably, Grell and Undertaker will be there as well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yes, it is very exciting! Yes, we should be grateful to the creators for a new season, but one of the reasons why people are upset is due to the lack of clear information and false hopes. This is coming from someone who sleeps with a Ciel and Sebastian pillow on her bed, bought the Kuroshitsuji pocket watch even though that was her last bit of money, and cries every time she watches the last episode of season 1. Yes, Ciel and Sebastian will be missed.

I for one really like Claude and Alios. I have the manga, so I wouldn’t mind new characters. His soul has been preserved in his red ring but what happens next is uncertain. Yes, just because the characters are different does not mean that the series will be bad, just that people might be less interested if their favorite characters are no longer present.

I’m not sure I even watch it Presence of the sequel naturally fueled multiple hypotheses monoehitsuji various possibilities Ciel might have stayed alive.

Kuroshitsuji 2 – Episode 1 – Kitsune’s Thoughts

He surprises Ciel by saying that to not get manipulated by the demons around him. When Ciel got his butler It was right after he got branded and Stabbed. I hope this helped. Yup, there seem to be an emphasis on the rivalry between the two factions.


Kuroshitsuji Season 2: Monoshitsuji Characters and Cast

You are commenting using your Facebook account. At least give it a little hope. And so was Ciel. I mean he was seriously psychopathic and the butler was infinitely lamer than Sebastian because he dances WTF. Twitter Reddit Facebook Email Print. At night when they epieode to get water they notice a dead body floating in the river.


At least I will see monodhitsuji more Kuroshitsuji action. XDD I adore the second season more than the first one! The boy is not interested but Jim asks what he has to do. Soon Claude attacks the stranger who he seems to know and is unmasked as none other than Sebastian Michaelis. Dramatical Murder Sket Dance. Though its probably a coincidence. It is nice to see a contrast to Ciel and Sebastian in the lines of Claude and Alois.

Jim is character whose fate is unknown as of yet.

The new butler resembles William more than Sebastian in my opinion. What about the manga? But Alois surprises Ciel when he goes and grabs his leg and crying tells him that they are the same and that he is not his nemesis. I was kind of in a shock when I discovered they had taken Sebastian and Ciel out of the Anime.

The second series does not possess an arc system it seems — there is an underlying interconnectivity between all the Episodes to some extents. So I’ll just not care much until more reliable information are out.

Actually, they will show Sebby in the second season. O I sooooo cannot wait to watch to tell my friends about this and buy the DVD! WTF What happen to Ceil who monowhitsuji new master???


And an obsessed one too. Seeing him made me squeal. I like ciel better than this next master.

I just thought episoee this. Replacements or supporting, it wasn’t stated. Yes, the character design is consistent. Actually I totally love Alois. BBCode “If it’s your wish, I will follow you everywhere, Even if your throne crumbles, And your shiny crown turns to rust, Even if the bodies pile monoshitssuji endlessly, Above the bottomless pile corpses, Beside you as you lie softly down, I will be Jim also is a good actor ,onoshitsuji to cry or be cheerful to fool people.

Maybe he didn’t have where to go so he received a new form too. The plot has created a tension between Sebastian and Ciel which is outstanding as this was completely absent in the first series. They were Alois Trancy and the new demon butler, Claude Faustus.

Sooo someone ELS is going to be the voice of Sebastian…. Is the new young master a boy or a girl?? I think he was observing Sebastian and Ciel here.

Thats no fun then. Now, I am enjoying the second series. Oh wow, what an impressive episode! Ahhh I see shotacon here. P but they do look alike Its nothing without them. Yes, many people mentioned the arm hypothesis. And I am curious too about the servant monlshitsuji Email required Address never made public.