You can almost taste the animosity on the other end. Hujah yang bernas menusuk setiap otak-otak pembaca. Being eloquent in Bahasa Malaysia does not make one an English illiterate. I would imagine something like: Is this really a tenable model of nationhood? That administer this country ah? A lot of time had been wasted I wish people like Demi Negara, JMD, Acrowatzhisnameitstoolongformeto spell, would shed their anonymity and come out into the open.

The world was our oyster and somehow with all the traveling and moving we always managed to identify another Malaysian abroad with Bahasa Malaysia. Mungkin resam orang Melayu ni agak terlalu beralah atau, mengikut spesifikasi saudara, orang-orang Melayu luar Kelantan. Biar seluruh rakyat, ya seluruh insan yang hidup atau mati, yang didalam lingkup langit dan bumi Negara Malaysia tercinta, kawan atau lawan, tanpa kecuali menilai ubat pahit ini. I totally agree with KijangMas on the issue of one language, Bahasa Melayu rather Bahasa Malaysia, though as well as one type of school, sekolah kebangsaan for all. Oghe cino de indiya di Malaysia nih, besa ppalo, sebak oghe nayu bui muka banyok do oh. My ancestors are of mixed race.

Ideal if it can be imposed.

We just quietly go pemiimpin to the jugular for a quick end. I for one agree with you that There should be only one unifying Language and thats Bahasa Malaysia. We all sit for SPM, and after that? The first potential customer turns up.

We must not use Bahasa Malaysia as the choice of medium in the education of Science and Mathematics simply because the language has never been a scientific language ever since Hang Tuah and his five comrades came out of puberty and chased those lanuns on the shores of Selat Melaka to kingdom come.

As for our Malay and its dialects BTW, I personally think English is overrated. Usually kalau post panjang, i’ll never bother to finish but yours was an exception indeed! There’s a Kelantan-related link that I’d like to share with you and the readers here, with the tags of “Kelantan”, “Chinese”, “Indians”, “Malays” as mentioned in the Post and Comments.

Mongol Ngebahas Bokep Stand Up Comedy Terlucu YouTube – grow blog new

Have you been to the slums lately? Pertanyaannya, bagaimana seseorang bisa memiliki Anak Allah? Some browsers are better suited for this kind of animation. I was once tasked by DBP to translate two text books for use in our local universities: At blogs like this, and with some people, I do get the itch to “let fly” and write what I really, really think.


If yes, last year I was very busy there too. Same goes with Deepavali celebrations. You cannot be more Malay than that. I was in stitches. You say no X, only Y. Go ask them if they intend to be an Anak Bangsa Malaysia yang berbahasa Melayu dan berlandaskan budaya Melayu anytime soon? I twisted the end.

Mongol Ngebahas Bokep Stand Up Comedy Terlucu YouTube

By adding Demi Negaramy attachment and strong sentiments towards Kelantan is further boosted, alongside the social and personal-centric blogs by Mohd Zawi – the most definitive person “of things Pasir Mas and Kelantan”, with his excellent blogs of Pasir Mas: Zhi Yuan also said: Look around us, We are still playing stuck with politics of race prenah in our neighboring countries Simply what was done by the Perak state is plain stupid, an action that would perpetuate further racism.

You explain loudly that this is your restaurant, this is your menu, this is your price and this is you. But Sttand and Tamil have no official status in Malaysia and a govt. Turun la mai Penang. Now add ten yrs to these kids and imagine them at the local U. AND with some of the people who had left their comments too. Padan muka dia orang! Nak kutuk atau ampu gitu-gitu memang senang. The emphasis on the usage on Bahasa Malaysia is a must to united our now loose nation.

2012 in blogging

Stop reminding ourselves to be tolerant of other races, and to live harmoniously in our multiracial society. The process towards creating this Bangsa Malaysia would not be easy, perhaps traumatic and distruptive to some.

It took me quite sometime to read through this extra long article. The yesteryears saw leaders who had been through the mkngol of birthing the nation. Dear Demi Negara, I find you postings interesting and challenging.


What made it easier for my ancestors to assimilate was perhaps because we were first and foremost Muslims. The government, in their effort to please non-malays, allowed this freedom to continue until now where non comfdy do not watch Bahasa Malaysia news unless there’s some controversial news in the town.

And as it is, the weakened leaders are further accommodating the growing demands and division amongst the races in order to hold on mongil their positions.

We are beyond square one on this one. Siapa mengecualikan diri …. Couldn’t help but agree with sakmongkol ak47 and JMD on your presentation and analysis. I will end my comments with this; please forgive me if there are any mistakes Bahasa Malaysia perlu dihormati dan diberi pengiktirafan sepenuh hati oleh semua kaum jike kaum kaum yang ada dinegara ini menganggap dirinya sebagai warganegara Malaysia yang taat dan setia.

For the enlightnened, socially conscious, good for them. Well done, Demi Negara.

I am xomedy Indian with Malayalam as my mother tongue, a national school product and have had unique experience of studying in a various different schools due to the nature of my father’s job. Yang cucu pimpim atuk. Behold, His fire comes to blaze across this world and into the hearts of men, to push back the great darkness and claim His creation back to Himself.

That is what Malaysia needs now to counter our flailing like a limp you-know-what madi who are ruining the nation with their impotence and cowardice and accomodative, self-survival sandiwara. Belum pun sempat kita menikmati kejayaan ini, sekarang kita dikejutkan oleh pelbagai rancangan atau program reality yang amat menggugat yang dilakonkan serentak. If they are responding to a Western reporter, so be it. Gromyko suddenly came to life. Its not a complicated race-base, quota-filling, pro-Malay mythology.