Although grateful for his nephew who let him stay with his family, Lolo Jessie had no choice but to leave because his nephew’s wife was not in favor of having dogs in their house. Jerome bears a lot of emotional scars because he grew up being severely disciplined by his mom Criselda who never understood his odd mannerisms and mood swings due to his illness. Since Mely does not want her children to grow up in a broken family, she keeps her husband’s infidelity to herself. History repeats itself when she’s also forced to give up her own son because of her financial situation. Season 1 Episode Anna, a mother and wife whose third eye is open.

But since she is afraid to confess her real feelings for Christian, Karen finds contentment in writing her emotions and messages of love in her diary. This is a story of Gamay who grew up in a fish port in General Santos City. Eric had difficulty accepting his brother’s sexuality as well as its adverse effect on his own reputation in high school. Many on the staff admire his enthusiasm and the fact that he gets the job done. But before he met her, he was actually nursing a wounded heart, from a previous relationship. Ramon, an underground boxer who grew up as a battered child. Will he stop risking his life in street fights once his family asks him to do so?

Teacher 1 Elaine Quemuel They also witnessed other hostages die in front of them and even became part of a human barricade against the military. Discover the story behind that viral video dubbed as the “heartbreaking episose of Hazzy, a year-old patient diagnosed with advanced stage 4 liver cancer, and his girlfriend of four years, Liezel.

Aisah’s Husband Alora Sasam But when she sees how sincere and determined Bibot is to win her heart, episose inevitably develops feelings for him.

Just when Mariz thought she was meant to be an old maid, fate will let her meet Nonit again. He grows up searching for a place he could call home and a family who will make him feel loved. Zandro promises that he will do whatever it takes to win her over.


The story of Nene, a girl who has worked as a police informant ever since she was 16 years old. What will Paul do once his mm home is “under fire”?

A story about family. Granting her husband’s request, Anna tried her best to live a normal life and ignore her third eye.

Marvin is a guy who continues to long for kane first love, Lara, despite having his own family with his wife, Dianne. Discover how the pursuit of better opportunities could sometimes head a turn for the worse even to the best of people. Since then, his self-esteem suffers a great deal and he often has difficulty getting into a serious relationship because of his insecurities.

But behind his usual demeanor is a dying man who desperately wants to make a difference to fill the emptiness in his heart.

Silver Medal

Lolong who’ll jaen be known as Medal of Valor awardee Lt. Marivic is raised by their mother’s well-off family while Dindo is put under the care of poor relations of their father. The episode narrates the struggle the brothers had to go through to achieve their dreams.

Fatima John Michael Gacayan How did her seemingly simple weight problem became a crucial turning point in her life?

Add the first question. A sensitive story about a loving and hardworking mother named Blythe who endured the physical, verbal and emotional abuse of her unemployed and abusive husband Raymond. Inshe discovers weight lifting when she is roaming around the neighborhood and finds her cousins lifting branches of wood – they are being trained for an upcoming competition. What pushed a dedicated housewife to escape from her “real life” and give her time to a total stranger?


Zandro, quiiz notorious campus playboy who juggles three girlfriends at a time, crosses paths with Knoll, a dull scholar whose innocence instantly captivates his fickle heart. Why did Nikki find himself hooked with such an illegal sport?


April is a teenager who was born with cerebral palsy. A happily-ever-after seems to be impossible, however, since Bibot still has to prove himself to Len’s family. She teaches Paolo to value every moment they are alive by living life to the fullest and making unforgettable happy memories. Their closeness then became the cause of Joseph’s jealousy. A story of a family woman who enters into an illicit affair with her first love.

Since then, Nene cursed the beauty that she possesses. How will Okoy accept that his beloved brother, whom he has taken care of all his life, has given up on him at his most pineza time?

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Not only do they disrespect her but they are also ashamed of her profession as a TV extra. Want to Make a Cult Classic? What were the sacrifices iineza Liza have to make just to send money to her parents and siblings?

The lady happens to be dealing with heartbreak at that time. Despite Rene’s unconditional love, Jovel falls in love with another man—Rene’s close friend.

Because of the incident, Ester not only gives up her job but her friendship with Eva as well. Judith is one of the siblings who suffered from the cruelty of their father and was adopted by a foster family that even made her life more miserable.

Gloria’s bent on pursuing criminal charges against bee driver, Erning.