Si Kiefer or Von?! So what is so special about the 30th birthday of one of the most popular celebrity in the country today? Si Kirk and Monfort! Miss ko na sila. RachDaqius03 lauralehman dennniselazaro uy stop na. From one of my favorite movie Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind.

Nakakarelate mga Miefer dito. Obrigada por todos esses anos, coisas lindas. Nasa Davao na sila! Galing ng pumalit sknila! The photo shows Paulo and Jasmine having dinner in a restaurant. Ang saya nga ni Von eh. Hahah okay nasa harap lang kief.

But unloving them won’t be that easy, even novie much they hurt you, even when they left you for someone else, even if someone else peaks your interest. Ipanalo nyo yan para diretso nakayo dito sa place ko! I dont know what to say but some day, you will be one again.

Sintunado daw si Kiefer! Ayiiieeee ang sweet talaga ni Yeye pagdating na sa Atenistang Basketbolistang nagkasakit! When im stress this wattpad stories really unstress me! Dati may ‘will’ pero ngayon may past form na. RachDaqius03 lauralehman dennniselazaro uy stop na.

Because of this, Jasmine received a… Read More. Wala na pala si Von.

Naaadik na ako sa miefer. But the… Read More. Please listen to Used to Be by Jensen and the Flips.


Kiefer Ravena, Mika Reyes ‘on a break’ to concentrate on careers

Kinikilig talaga ako sknla e. Loving someone and forgetting them is easy – you can try new hobby, binge watch a series, go out with your friends and party to forget. MieferColliders oy na una ako! Pero honestly, hindi rin po biro ang mag-stop from schooling from to and I experienced some frustrations too. Podemos ser diferentes em quase tudo, mas temos o mais movis They’re not just athletes, they’re the queen and king. Naging main highlight of the season tuloy ito!

I guess once they’ve carved a part of your heart, you’ll never be the same. Si Joy kasi eh! Oo, mahirap mag-move on kahit sobrang tagal na pero ‘di niyo kami masisisi. Gumawa talaga ng paraan. Belated happy 15th day of the month! I just want to be with them in terms of social networking sites seeing their pictures. You will capture another very beautiful moments again. View your profile page here OR Click close to continue.

Kiefer Ravena, Mika Reyes ‘on a break’ to concentrate on careers

Si Kiefer or Von?! Nakakarelate mga Miefer dito. Celebrating a year full of kilig vibes. Jasmine received tons of greetings, birtday wishes and love from her social media accounts. Well, 2 years ago, when fanfictions stories are made because of a simple “Hi, Movje Reyes” which, the volleyball community all know her as the very own “Darling of miefet crowd” when she caught the heart, and the mind of every fan.


Idol po kita forevs.

Mika Reyes and Kiefer Ravena – A very special love

Belated happy 15th day of the month! Too many lessons to apply in everyday life. Welcome to Rappler, please select your default country: An unknonw error has occurred.

Right after graduating HS, I never went on studying in college for three years due to some problems but that never stopped me from exploring more new things, new inspirations and new people in life.

My wallpaper and screensaver should be change. Sorry kinikilig tlaga ako sknla e. Anyways, sana better officiating next game. In an Instagram post, Anne hinted that she might visit some children to donate books or perhaps… Read More.