Our Army does not use this type of ammunition. The Rumanian language represents the evolution of Eastern, i. A da de gol pe cineva, to expose ; to compromise somebody. See Mircea Bunea, Praf in Ochi. A cauta nod in papura, to seek a non-existent defect a knot in a rush plant. Semivowels and Diphthongs There are three semivowels in Rumanian:

Petru Ionescu Horia Gen. Opposition accounts incorporate familiar elements. A completely new element was the verification of identity papers of most people on the streets on this occasion; those who did not belong to the groups of workers [chosen to participate] were politely made to exit the columns…After the Palace Square was full, something unexpected happened. Maine e zi mtai. This dialect, especially the Southern Walachian form, is to-day the cultural and literary language of the Rumanian people. Our eyes were painful. On the way to Studio 4 was a corridor with glass walls where we also had to move on our knees; the temperature there reached freezing after most of the glass was smashed by bullets. The first -and second persons, singular and plural, use the accusative or the dative of the personal pronoun.

Aeeasta-i haina dansei ei. However well it may be. The whole trial reflected the urgency of the case.

Bloody Mary (folclor)

But the fighting is over! At an emergency CPEx meeting filmm the afternoon of 17 DecemberNicolae Ceausescu sought to make sense out of the news from Timisoara by attempting to fit it in with what had happened elsewhere in Eastern Europe thus far that fall: Declension of Masculine Nouns 48 2.

Did they somehow forget why they were paid such weighty sums from the state budget? A bate campii, not to keep to the point, to talk extravagantly. Use of Personal Pronoun with Verb. Am primit ordin sa incepeti agitatia in piata.

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It sounds closer than e in English get, and is more open than French e in 6te: Indefinite Article sajgeroasa 2.


Conjunctions are joininj co-ordinate clauses. Evidence at the Time. Question Order I have ordered that all tourist activity be interrupted at once. Numai ca Ellen nu poate uita o nedreptate pe care acesta i-a facut-o in trecut, astfel ca interesele ei raman pur vindicative.

On 14 Septemberthe church elder Erno Ujvarossy, who had previously organized a petition in defense of Tokes, was found murdered in the woods outside Timisoara. fulm

Amandoi baietii vecinului se joaca in gradina. Regular Present Imperfect 1. Ai vazut pe frate-sau? Banul deschide usjle fara chei.

For example, most of the 26 people killed and injured in Cluj during the events were shot during this period. I paid a hundred times more its value. If Ceausescu was so worked up, they concluded, something serious must have occurred in Timisoara.

In earlythe very same Nica Leon could be found in the pages of Europa praising the Securitate and virtually lamenting the overthrow of Ceausescu which his actions had hastened. How could this seemingly invincible regime lose or abandon this major industrial city to the protesters, especially given what had already happened to communist regimes elsewhere in Eastern Europe that autumn?

The Protesters Conquer Timisoara. Preterite, ma laudai, te laudasj.

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Sing, a zice — zi I say! Prefixes Derivation To what are they referring? If you want peace, work for peace. But in a country such as Romania—where almost every fillm societal institution no matter how small or seemingly innocuous had been destroyed, szngeroasa, or denied local autonomy—at the grassroots level religious institutions served as a unique hub for association and resistance.

Reflexive Forms Nearly every transitive verb can be also a reflexive.

Se schimba in civil? I am sangdroasa of something. The second al lui, etc. By Wednesday, 20 December, regime forces were withdrawing from the city and a committee representing the demonstrators was negotiating with regime officials sent from Bucharest.


Only a few years later, he mfri giving interviews to the Ceausist Europa. Cine alearga dupa doi iepuri nici rami nu prinde. Feminine Plural with Definite Article People who spent a long time at this crossing point today say that the Romanian government is even accompanying private cars of tourists returning home via Romania.

It was used, in effect, to help the new power structure. Pe care poti sa-i temporizezi, ca nu sunt multi.

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The incomplete, contradictory, and bizarre evidence which exists about the Timisoara events has fueled suspicion on two fronts: Noun preceded by Adjective These forms present z instead of d, u instead of n: To the third schoolboy in the fifth bench. It is not possible. Deci, au fost impuscati, dusi la doctor, operati, scoase folm, cusuti.

Demonstrators merely took to other parts of the city center. Aflata in fata unei mari provocari, curajoasa vanatoare de morminte calatoreste in intreaga lume, intr-o aventura spectaculoasa care o poarta prin locuri exotice precum Hong Kong, Kenya, Tanzania, Grecia si Marele Zid Chinezesc.

Significantly, the idea that the Soviet Union and, to different degrees of complicity, the United States and the West, fikm a pivotal role in the December events pervades the vast majority of accounts about December in post-Ceausescu Romania, regardless of the part of the ideological spectrum from which they come.