Wife will become side character and the Shitty Mata a goddess and pati vrata. Concept of affairs lust and polygamy. Wow guys finally these shit heads made Shorvori a Villian. I returned the favor by retorting back. Ishqbaaz 30th August Written Episode Update: Iqra Ali 31st Aug – 5: Upload Date Last Hour.

I totally agree with your comment kunal chauhaan the great. Iqra Ali 31st Aug – 5: Parth watches Teni wearing the bangles and thinks Shorvari must be heartbroken if Indu took the bangles back. Clearly shows u just slapped urself really hard cuz u insulted urself lol.. Parth had come behind. Video was deactivated by our moderator. No bullshit so go fuk urself.. Listen im sorry allow da kitty fight..

Subscribe us for last and upcoming episodes of. Im sorry 4 goin on ur mum. Parth augusr inside and shows Shorvari the bangles then makes her wear them. Video contains spam Video has disturbing content. What about her son, Parth? Video was deactivated by our moderator. And finally, I think what Indu is doing as revenge is very stupid… if Shorvari wants, she could leave the Bhanushali house forever with Parth in the click of a finger, and I think she should.

The family cares for Teni. Dadiji is actually one of the very few sensible mother-in-laws grandmother-in-law I have ever seen. Teni asks if this is Saffron-almond milk she has been ia for hours? Are you sure you want to perform this action? Jagruti says they will soon know. When she comes inside, Teni shares her happiness with Shorvari and says everyone love her like a daughter in law of the house.


Meenu Ka Susral by Ary Digital Full Episode 19 – Vídeo Dailymotion

Sejal was curt over Jagruti. Shorvari had brought epislde glass of milk for Teni and watches Baa there. He says he got the same bangles as Indu took from her. Dil Se Dil Tak. Indu insists on Baa to join her and fakes her love even more watching Shorvari upset. Ur dad is a wanka….

Report Category Video contains prohibited content. There is 0 concept of surrogacy.

Meenu Ka Susral – Episode 2

About Results in All Videos channels. Shorvari tells her to leave. She was always suffocating whenever she lied to Indu. Yeah, I understand you, but it feels good to vent the stress through writing… I just shsral people would stop calling Teni a whore.

Shit se Shit Tak 2nd Sep – 1: Oh my god… she has no self-respect at all but she always talks about her high character.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well. Like 0 Dislike 0. Playlists New playlist Your Aguust title. True, what happened to Suyog and forum? Eff logic eff concept of surrogacy. Iqra Ali 2nd Sep – 4: Teni says Shorvari loves and respects everyone at the family.


Parth can never stand for his wife. Don’t show me this message for some while. Indu really deserves to be taunted by her Moti Bhen, I used to feel bad ks her, but not anymore. You were the one who started it mate!

Welcome, Login to your account. Show All Video results. Sign in Recover your password. Indu turns to Teni and finds her biting her nail, she scolds her. Show All Channel results. I guess when you cross a tosser and daft cow you get a gormless git like you.

I totally agree with your comment kunal chauhaan the great. Teni watches the photos and speaks to Parth that she can love Parth but can never get it back. No bullshit so go fuk urself. You calling me ugly? Guys I request you not to watch this shit anymore. I agree I humored you, but you were the first one to insult my family.

Shorvari later watch Indu taking Teni and Parth together, somewhere. Last updated Aug 30,