NEW never opened,very hard to find. M-Pack Lures Swim Jig. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Browse Related Browse Related. If you spend enough time with nail weights, worm corers, boiling pots of water, and scissors you can make most lures swim. Creme Lures Spoiler Swimbait 2″. Mattlures Dead Twitch Trout. Santone Lures Flippin’ Jig Heads 3pk.

Every bait produced displays the natural detail found in a living bluegill. Part of what makes the Ultimate Bluegill “ultimate” is the unique flared fins. Cumberland Pro Lures Prayer Jigs. The U2 gill has been improved in just about every way. A must for your tackle box! I was really amped to try my Ultimate ‘gills at the California Delta, but when I made that first cast I wanted to drop a tear when I saw that the bait sat sideways in the water as it plowed along. Skip to main content.

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Mattlure’s Ultimate Bluegill & Shad Series

I recommend super gluing the inside to the harness and have some Mend-it ready. The garage guys like Matt who make these baits put their heart in to each one, and along with the heart goes a lot of pride.

Buckeye Lures Jiggin’ Blades. Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill Series Swimbait.

– Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill

Female Red ear Crappie. Vertical Lures Creature X. Syad rainbow Light rainbow. As a dead stick bait, the t Take a minute to review the steps and make the modification if you want the flaring action.


Mattlures U2 Gill Bluegill Swimbaits. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. However this is not a problem xeries I basicaly rig all my swimbaits to fit the applications. The Mattlures Bluegill Series! You get a little body wobble on the retrieve but nothing exceptional. Talon Custom Lures Football Jigs. Pulse Fish Lures Pulse Jig. I have many baits available that are not listed. Gandy Lures DropUp Swimbaits.

Mattlures – Matt Rat – 6 inches without tail – I’ve put in enough hours with crooked swimming baits to know that they just don’t get bit as well as their straight swimming counterparts – if they get bit at all. He catches a lot of fish on the baits. Each lure is individually hand poured and painted to ensure quality and accuracy.

Venom Lures Big Shot Tube 4″ 5pk. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. I have found the swimming action to be really good fooling many other fish. You can definitely run this bait slower than the original. Black Angel Lures Grass Bomb.

Daiwa Tactical View Lure Covers. More bling, with a slightly higher price tag. Cumberland Pro Lures Shakey Head 3pk.

Mattlures Hammer Tail Swimbaits. I have caught many bed fish with this bait and several by just casting out and working it slowly uphill. Duo Realis Reversible Lure Case. Prototype Lures Guerilla Buzz Buzzbaits. What mattkures says to me is that Matt has taken the time to match his paints to what the fish actually look like. Talon Custom Lures Punch Skirt 2pk.


Male Female Golden Male. Match the speed of retrieval to the action you are most happy with, even with the slight twitch inbetween.

Buckeye Lures Football Jig. Mattlures Tournament Series Swimbaits. California big bait makers continue to lead the way in lure design concepts, and I admire Matt for taking a risk and using a flared fin that requires a little tweaking out of the box. NEW never opened,very hard to find. If you don’t see a bait below that you are interested in purchasing, give me a call or send me an mail. Snack Daddy Lures Elite Tubes 10pk.

Buckeye Lures Tee Shirts. Mattlures Ultimate Shad Series Swimbait. If you’re bed fishing with this bait, it’s practically mandatory. Click on the pictures above. The color on these baits are incredible and they match their designated species perfectly.

The fins come laid flat, parallel to the body, but the Mattlures web site has detailed instructions explaining how to flare the fins.

Xzone Lures Whiplash Shad Jerkbaits 8pk. Click photo above for all available colors. Due to the fact that bass are cannibalistic, they will not pass up a baby bass and trout that has wandered away from the security of cover or the shoreline.