Marumo No Okite – Episode 1. But you guys aren’t the only ones. Don’t force entrance exams into the subject. Does it mean you’re related by blood? What’s there to praise. I was in the wrong. The twins’ relatives argue over who will take responsibility for them. You’re gonna catch a cold if you don’t dry your hair right away.

Marumo, a nickname given to him by the twins, has no parenting experience, however, makes a great parent. He’s nothing more than a maintenance fee thief. Looks like you’re getting acclimated to Customer Service. Besides, I’m renting the room on the condition I live alone, so you guys being here is a secret too. Thank you for buying the staple of our company, the ball point pen with vivid black ink. Okay, let’s do “itadakimasu.

You don’t see him, do you? The show is primarily a home drama neg the three of them gradually becoming a family, but it also contains an element of fantasy, as the two kids find a dog that can speak We had fun back then, didn’t we?

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It must have hurt. Archived from the original on April 10, Listen, walk quietly and slowly, okay? Don’t leave me here by myself. Stop acting like a baby. It also stars child actor Fuku Suzuki sib child actress Mana Ashida as Mamoru’s late friend Jun-ichiro’s twin children.


What should I do?

Kimura, are you alright? Archived from the original on October oikte, They’ve been together since they were born. Archived from the original on September 24, I’ll go look for a flashlight, -so wait here. Catcher Takagi-kun Throw me your best pitch. The Asahi Simbun Company. We’ll have to go back there again some other time.

You don’t mind it being a little tight, do you? What can you do?


You’re wet, you’re wet. Marumo No Okite – Episode episoe. Empress Ki Episode In the last episode of Marumo no Okiteit was revealed that the show would have a special program but that the program’s broadcast date was unconfirmed.

What’s wrong with coming back to my own house? I want to be with Tomoki. Looks like you’re getting acclimated to Customer Service.

The fact that you’re apologizing must mean you’re taking responsibility. Sing him a more cheerful song.

Can you teach me too? You’d better be listening, idiot. There’s no such thing as ghosts. Abe plays the single Takagi Mamoru, an employee at a stationery maker. Take care of him properly, will you. Hey wait, okote going on? Then tell us your name. The twins’ relatives argue over who will take responsibility for them. Archived from the original on September 30, Ever since middle school when we were skinny kids with shaved heads, we were together. The cap can be surprisingly dangerous, huh?


Ryo Oka also voiced the talking dog, Mook [2]. Take a look at my blog seo program. You took off the cap.

Look Tomoki, Onee-chan’s doing bye bye. Archived from the original on June 9, Specifically, the merchandise is I, personally, found the drama to be quite amusing.