The Puzzle Arcade Klutz Jerry Slocum A fun, portable, self-contained puzzle kit – including all the actual puzzles: Steve Reeves’ first speaking role reveals why the Italians dubbed over his voice in his later Hercules roles. Les Crochets du Diable aka Claws, F p. Match and Matchstick Puzzles IV. The Eclipse, Africa p. Examples of the music ruining the scenes were when they broke in to do the robbery and then when they arrived back at his girl’s place afterwards.

I wasn’t sure if the ridiculous music was coming from a radio or if the film makers were actually serious. This movie is truly bloody awful. Like that movie, the dialogue is a bit out in left field and the acting – except for Lyle Talbot’s – amateurish and stilted. They are in no particular order, though I have grouped them by subject matter subjectively, and tongue-in-cheek. What a surprise to recognize some locations that still exist. People really do get to do that for a

A collection of 33 chapters or essays, including 26 of Hofstadter’s “Metamagical Themas” columns from Scientific American during January to July But yes, the music is annoying if you let it be. How corny some of the lines: Appleton and Company John Devost kindly sent me this copy.

Frederick Collins D.

Jeu Des Grenouilles p. Guy Selected contents of interest to mechanical puzzlers. It finished filming in March and premiered May Jinx has coasted through life oblivious to the world around him and without a care in the world.

In the contents I show here, sections present only in GPD are enclosed in brackets. Bootlegger and His Flask p. In his book “Death on the Cheap: The picture does not show a solution.

Marveling – favorite favorite favorite favorite – August 10, Subject: I believe this small set of books is the best place to start to learn about the different classes of Mechanical Puzzles, examples from various eras, and historical background. An amazing and unusual Ed Wood film, if for no other reason than it actually resembles a “real” mainstream ’50s b-movie for the most partand because a lot of people who have grown tired of Plan 9 from Outer Space and its raucous fandom and can’t take it any more might find the change of pace interesting.


Martin Gardner merits his own section. Conway, and Richard K.

entire For a safe job, youll always want an inside man who can tell you the best time It also contains collections of essays on puzzle topics. Posted by Chelsie Anderson at Picture and Shape Puzzle Reader Akiyama pp. Like a hammer in the head — it feels so good when it stops.

Though I never had the opportunity to meet him, for me, as I am sure is the case maanolete many others, Gardner’s writings were a source of entertainment and inspiration during my formative years, instilling a sense of wonder and curiosity that shaped my life.

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It’s not a good movie, but for a Ed Wood movie, it’s OK. You can also find links to several puzzle-related books available for free download at The Online Books Page of the University of Pennsylvania. Coffin Geometric Puzzle Designs. Try to cross out all the circles No. You’ll recoognize a lot of familiar faces from other Wood movies.

Cube Puzzle Reader Akiyama pp. Rifaux categorizes the puzzles into eight basic classes, and also assigns some to “combination” classes: There are but a few good books solely focused on mechanical puzzles – I wish there were more.


This is the original version of the film released in The Oxford University Press Recreations in Mathematics series edited by David Singmaster includes the following books I have found copies of each of them:. With a more competent director and scenarist, we would have a better movie even though the plastic surgery angle makes for a compelling plot. Sei Shonagon Chie No-Ita p.

George Hardy is an expert on Anchor Stone building blocks and puzzles. I was reading about a puzzle called Cubic Matters exchanged at IPP34 by Yee-Dian Lee and voted by James Dalgety as one of his best finds of – this inspired me to read up more on Sallows’ mathematical discoveries.

Entoer In-and-Out aka Queen’s Jubilee p. But Ed would do what Streaning Wood do To make his noir style pic come true. How to Legally Rob a Bank – Gizmodo Sneakers, the film about a team of hackers and social folm who break into banks to test their security, isn’t just a film.

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Calumet, Grandpa’s Wonder Soap p. Steve Reeves’ first speaking role reveals why the Italians dubbed over his voice in his later Hercules roles. Count crossed off circles, too. Rouse Ball revised by H. OK movie I saw this movie a while ago.

The blackface act Dr Feel Rotten – favorite – October 25, Subject: Piecing Together a History Anne D.

Braden 14 pc. This film had some serious potential.