Kanchi also looks sad.. Jiyana is astonished that Kaanchi looks like Lakshmi. Arjun,Jiyana and Kishori Turns and surprize to see kanchi…Arjun and Kanchi smile with happines and joy. Pages Liked by This Page. Her aunt never married because they couldn’t afford it. Jiyana and Kishori invite Kaanchi to see Arjun under the pretext of bringing a delivery. Soon, Lakshmi falls for Ajay but just because he was a middle class man she never confessed her love.

Arjun pretends to be Kanchi’s boyfriend to make Aditya jealous. With passing time he realize that her love is true and they both decides to get married. Views Read Edit View history. When Aaditya going coincidently he bump with Arjun and his hand joint with Arjun hands also.. They all try their best but could not do anything. She doesn’t know what he looks like today, because he went to London for 10 years to study.

Kishori and Aarjun confrontation scene. This page was last edited on 4 Januaryat After shifting to Agnihotri Mansion Saumya asked for her rights on Arjun. While she was pregnant she made some video diaries for their child. Arjun says that he want to Take some things from the Coverd. They plans a drama of Arjun getting blind. Indian drama television series Indian television soap operas Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings Lamxi OK television series Shashi Sumeet Productions series s Indian television series Star Utsav.

Lakshmi dies just after giving episore to her. Saumya leaves Arjun and returns back to London.

Sections of this page. Kaanchi and her family go to the mall to purchase items due to discount on 15 August. Lakshmi befriends him so that she could meet Arjun and impress him.


Later, It is revealed that this bankruptcy was created by Saumya but nobody knows about this. Programs currently broadcast by Life OK. Jiyana replies that she was talking with her Mom.

Arjun sees Kanchi sad and helps her getting Aditya back by giving her a makeover. Jiyana Roshni Walia is now a 8 year-old girl and also comes to the mall. Kishori and Jiyana find Kaanchi in her restaurant.

Arjun stares her and remembers kanchi when she was comes to his house after wedding. Arjun forgives Lakshmi and helps oftober to get her back.

Kanchi Ne Tod Apni Shaadi – Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki – video dailymotion

However, their plan fails when Arjun goes to the washroom when Kaanchi is about to go home. Arjun and Lakshmi’s maiin, Jiyana Agnihotri, is born. All of them Enjoying Kanchi and Aaditya Mehandi. Arjun getting embraces and goes. Dream Girl TV series. Lakshmi informs everyone about their deal. They all have to shift to Lakshmi’s house as theirs no one to help them. Kanchi making some excuse. Saumya gets obsessed by Arjun and try every single thing to ruin their marriage in the mean time Agnihotri empire gets bankrupt and Agnihotri’s loose everything.

Retrieved 28 February Kanchi at her room and looking Confuse regarding her wedding with Aaditya.

Arjun comes closed to Kanchi and help her to wear the necklace. When Arjun is leaving for US, Kaanchi gets up from the mandap and runs behind Arjun to stop epjsode and tells him that she loves him. Lakshmi divorces Arjun and leaves Agnihotri Mansion. Doctor says that eye donation is the only option. Arjun smile and says very beautiful. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Arjun and kishori confrontation scene kishori tells him to tells his felling to Kanchi and stop her.


Main Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki Ep.22

She wants money because her mother died of pneumonia since they couldn’t afford her treatment. Jiyana is astonished that Kaanchi looks like Lakshmi. Jiyana sobs at hearing the news. She knew about her pregnancy complications but never informed Arjun about this.

With passing time he realize that her love is true and they both decides to get married. Vivian Dsena – Daily Entertainment Feed.

Main Lakshmi Tere Angaan Ki – 21st October 2012

Views Read Edit View history. How I am looking. Meanwhile, Kaanchi sees that she is Lakshmi’s look-alike. Lakshmi comes to know about his condition and agrees to donate her eyes but the family acts as they hate her and don’t want her eyes and asks Saumya to donate her eyes which she refuse to do so. She pointing to Star.

JIyana overhear all the conversation and remembers her Mother and gets promise her mom that she want Kanchi and Arjun Untie. Her aunt never married because they couldn’t afford it. Arjun, JIyana and Kishori also there and 21at of them getting sad. Everyone thinks that Saumya is doing this just for the sake of their friendship.