I…I stopped for a bit. At least you are sure of getting a good role! Correct Answers are in Bold. Currently I’m a student at Sweet Amoris High. Found during the objectives: The answer is B. Shoot, I could have seen you changing then? Have a good evening.

I will add more questions as I go along. Rosalya told me you have a tattoo. Oh no… the movie theater is empty. Thanks My Candy Love. Oh yeah, you think so? It will be a nice occasion to get to know Evan a little better. You have some weird ideas! A or B Violette:

To escape all of this…. Are you going to go to university?

my candy love guide

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Walktyrough are taking this to heart too much! How is she that confident? Buy the earrings for Rosa.

My Candy Love – Episode 37 Guide

What do you say? It looks good on you, you should keep it.

At least you are sure of getting a good role! I trust you on that. B Lysander not boyfriend: What does it matter to you? Did you think I was going to wait for you nicely? My Candy Love – Episode 16 Guide. Uh, well your plan was just a few minutes away from working.


Him and his sexy smile ftw. Compiling all the answers for the phone call questions under the cut! Delanay was going to pick me! If you choose to have him get clothes with you- A.

Or is my life really that busy without realizing it?

Candy In Love – My Candy Love – Episode 20 Guide

I chose not to lie. You see, even your dog is making fun of you! I have to go back in. In the end, I decided to ignore his text and not reply.

JavaScript is required to view this site. I hope I get a good part! Thanks for understanding for ealkthrough delay with getting the guide up due to the death I had in my family.

The gift is a Spaghetti Bowl. Rosalya told me you have a tattoo. Where are you going?

Grid View List View. There are 4 Illustrations in total. Log in Sign up. Close the discussion By the way.


What did you learn? At this point I have to ask- are they watching me? Once we leave after being the nice children we are we run into…. Do you think we will ever see her again lysancer day? Have a good evening. Oh no… the movie theater is empty.

This is probably like, the fifth time in a row this happened. Easy for you to say! Newly Updated Keep reading. She can be found at the Park. All of this is your fault!

Can I walk with you?