This, however, is a process that needs to be practiced in the long term for best efficacy. Focus on your positive qualities and strategize and work on your negative ones. Resilient persons are able to find out the key to their problems and come out from all the troubles easily and quickly. These are the golden years wherein you can look forward to with a quiet contentment and a philosophical or spiritual attitude that can ensure your remaining years happy and peaceful. Elder abuse is a form of domestic violence or family violence. Another common misconception regarding mental illnesses is that they can be cured once the person suffering form them is married off.

They answer the question of why people do what they do. What was earlier a natural process now needs to be studied and consciously practiced. It is our collective responsibility to create a congenial and harmonious work environment and we can ourselves be the agent of change at times. They are also more prone to falling prey to depression and addictions. This is the root of a fairly recent type of mental disorder also called Eating Disorder. India has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and recent studies suggest about 40 percent are adolescents. Abuse can take place in overt obvious forms as physical assault, or in more subtle forms such as emotional abuse or neglect.

Still others may know what destination they want to reach but may be unsure of the path they need to take to get there.

Adolescents should overcome their feelings of embarrassment or hesitation, and share their concerns with friends and family and seek their help when needed.

Sometimes individuals choose to end their marriage in a great hurry without considering the pain and trauma that the process of separation can bring. They answer the question of why people do what they do. A little temper and stubbornness in young children is normal and all kids misbehave some times, but behavior disorders go beyond mischief and rebellion.


We must become the change we want to see in the world. At some point of lufe we all take our health for granted and do not realize what it means to be chronically ill. Uncomfortable work environment such as noise pollution, poor lighting or ventilation, cramped spaces can make the experience episodd working stressful. The episode talks about psychological impacts of chronic illness and ways to deal with it.

Road Ragers are characteristically rude, angry, cynical intolerant, impatient and egoistic. To know and understand the world outside, it is important to first know and understand our mind. The trauma of abuse runs deep in the psychology of an abused child, usually affecting the mind more than the apparent physical body. All of us want the society to change, to become more peaceful, yet none of us wants to be the agent of that change.

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A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and a body cannot be healthy if the mind is afflicted. Instead of putting off all relaxing and recreation to the weekend do something to relax every evening.

Assertiveness can be learnt and practiced as a skill. Xkills explains the difference between behavior that can be accepted as normal and that which is away from the realm of the griish. Today though, the degeneration in our society has slowly crept into our families and our elderly are no longer the venerated lot they wpisode were.

Families can be of great support in a helping individuals deal with their anxiety. Mental illnesses have always had a lot of unease associated with them in the Indian society. In fact, the adolescent will welcome some guidance on issues of growing up from his parents if they are communicated to him without imposing or demanding that they be understood.


Many urban parents are attending parenting workshops and reading books on parenting. This episode talks about social anxiety in detail, discussing ways to overcome it. There are easy steps that one can take beat work stress arising out of the physical environment.

Often, an obsessive thought brings with it physical and mental anxiety and people having it are led to commit an action repetitively to lessen that anxiety, this kind of repetitive, nonsensical action is called a compulsion. Positive psychology is the study of human thriving.

Education is equally important for both. They must spend some time and energy on themselves and pay attention to their own needs. We must give some time to ourselves to delve into our minds to understand what is troubling us.

Life Skills-B.K. Shivani & Dr Girish Patel

If the child is getting bullied regularly it may affect his studies, cause emotional distress and even affect his personality development eventually.

Indulge in positive self- talk, it helps to reiterate positive messages to yourself. As a body of illnesses, b, no other form of illness is as misunderstood and as mystical in the minds of people as are Mental Illnesses.

A lot of pre-marital stress for the young couple stems from the fear of commitment, fear of responsibility and also sometimes the fear of loss of independence. Anybody contemplating divorce must be prepared to face this.

It is that worry which interferes with the productivity of our day-to-day life. Episoode fleeting negative emotion lasting a few minutes can affect the body for hours.