Girl, get the hell out of there!! I saw a post here that said something about how SH is the key to the drama, and I do agree he is, because I think through this new AJ situation, he has to grow up and come to terms with the idea that he has to take responsibility in life. Creating our own OST, it is a form to show our love for the series. She confesses that she was being immature and regretted it right away, wanting to apologize. Thank you for the recaps. They discuss another co-worker who just quit because she got involved in a love triangle and someone complained. And I am at this exact part. Because I dont see how he can be so invested in Ah Jung when he never gave her anykind of attention that hinted towards intimate waters.

Nothing is more important than our kids. No Yoon Joo, a man who needs comfort gets a prostitute, not a new girlfriend. I lose track of time while watching it. A train wreck, that look like a war zone! I really dig LTM and the 2 leads. More important reason why Sang Hee falls for Ah Jung is for the overall story. You always recap so fast, luv to read ur comments. When the door closes, Manager Park has a wide-eyed stare, but the other two are totally blown away.

Especially at this early date still, when their relationship isnt even concrete. Ki Joon has his staff armed with pictures of the Chairman, fanning out in the resort to look for him. If I can be in your darkest hour and bring you some comfort, and ease your pain, my life is complete.

DDD love you unnie!!! Yes, thank you for remaining sane in this conversation, Aunt. And thanks Try Soju for bringing to light the metaphor about the soccer ball. All the acronyms I use are explained and defined in the Glossary tab above.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Yoon Joo says that Ki Joon is being very hurtful. Yoon Joo should just accept that things have eoisode and tht she needs to go back to Paris and look for a new boyfriend.


Yoon Joo is chastened, and notes that she once thought Manager Park was on her side.

News: Lie To Me Ep 10

It was really informative. After Yoon Joo leaves, Aunt thinks back to what happened at the lunch. He tells her to just say it like that and not to hold wpisode inside. Yoon Joo looks at pictures of her and Ki Joon.

Thanks for the recap! They seriously need a kiss. A link for Luke: Lie to Me Episode Ah Jung gets drunk and je off with Ki Joon following her. So Ran leaves early to give Ah Jung the ring she bought for her. Ah Jung is practicing her speech outside when she sees the Shanghai Chairman at the resort.

I was perhaps in a similar situation.

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Im here watching it ne until viki is finished subbing. I understand exactly how you feel! Just be happy for lei brother. Your really too funny. Good for AJ for continuing to press him on the whole YJ issue. Why you ask me what you can do with a girl? That scene had no actual purpose of her being there other than to signal a potential interest.

Will he go to Paris with YJ?

If things have been decided already, he should just take the responsibility and cleanly end the relationship with Oh Yoon Joo. Its like someday, or maybe, it is another way to say, never.

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap

Aunt goes to meet with Ki Joon at the office, telling him that she saw Yoon Joo. I love your comments.

Now, the dramacrazg thing I can do is to refresh your blog every hour to check if the preview is release. Plans for the International Tourism Event are under way and the day has finally come to hold the event.


Two women, one road. Hope the future episodes brings out the fun and flirty side of them too. What I should do? I epieode how the story unfolds. But now Ki Joon has pushed Yoon Joo away. Ah Jung almost trips and Ki Joon helps her up.

Go In Bum Supporting Cast. I actually LOVE the fact that the dramatic moments are based on somewhat… normal, if i can use this word, situations. Couple of questions to my friends here 1. It must be clear to everyone that Ki Joon denying he was married to Ah Jung was not a bad thing. The Chairman is located on the second floor lounge, and Ki Joon runs up to waylay him. He should take enough rest, did you feel his face was a bit swollen due to stress of shootings and lack of sleep?

And I can not wait til their some more dramqcrazy loving interacts between our OTP.

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OMG, this is so painful to watch! Be happy YEH and strong. Watch ‘ Lie to Me ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Make you a favor, make us a favor, and please, make Yoon Joo, a freaking map, so she can understand, or buy her a gps so she cant get lost!! Sang Hee thinks Ah Jung is being a workaholic these days.

They head out to go shopping, buying friendship rings for everyone. I felt so bad for Sang Hee.