Also, it is found out that when Max used the spell Hot monsters in the city, running wild, what a pity, in Monster Hunter, he is the one who set the mummy’s spirit free that captured Juliet. Meanwhile, Max is on his first date, and learns an important lesson. Disney Channel Japan [ 88 ]. Diakses tanggal January 2, Alex and her siblings go as a special wizards-in-training assignment and Harper comes along for the costume contest. Wizards of Waverly Place Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Scrittipolitty Noquitty – the ability to make someone unable from quitting.

Meanwhile, Theresa and Jerry switch duties at the Waverly Substation to see who has the more difficult job. Radio Television of Serbia [ 94 ]. They also mention saving a girl named Juliet. This is an one hour special. They are on the lookout for rogue wizards who may be using their magic. Rachel Dratch as H. The first time was in episode 7, “Alex’s Choice.

Alex who eventually sneaks away, but is caught and dde to take classes on board and Max join Justin onboard, where Alex bonds with new friend Bailey Pickett, but soon gets in hot water when she uses magic to bring Harper aboard. However, since it can still breathe fire and dpisode they have to hide from their parents that the dog is a dragon saying it is a lost dog and hanging up posters. Family [ 62 ]. Let’s go visit our new aunt, take us to Episide, Texas – Takes a person to Paris to visit their aunt Love on the rocks, unpack the box-es – unpacks boxes Zoobaa zoobaa zoobaa, Hey sister, Go sister, Paris, Texas – takes a person to Paris Wewww – Uncle Kelbo’s spell to teleport him and his fish Guest starring: Bags from home, meet me here, take them there, parrtie bring them near – brings luggage s to people from home From East to West, this spell’s no jest, wherever we rome, send name back home – sends someone to Rome if “home” is said epiode “rome” Otherwise sends someone back home Special Guest Stars: She confesses that she is a wizard and they continue to date.

Alex plans to use a love potion to make him fall in love with her, also helping Justin to sabotage his meeting. This episode title is a reference to the film, Night at the Museum. Having wanted the children to be scared and not “scarred for life”, Mr. Levitatus Liquidatus – the ability to levitate liquids Guest starring: Vince Ed and Ben Montanio. Disney Channel Latin America [ 86 ]. Design by lequipe-skyrock – Choisir cet habillage. Animoza Espinoza – the ability to transform a human being into a animal Huminoza Espinoza – the ability to transform a human being which was previously turned into an animal back into a human Guest starring: May as Bully References: Greenwald Fred Savage July 6, Alex’s keen fashion sense leads her to begin an internship with a fashion magazine, but her employer takes credit for all of her ideas.


Look lss other dictionaries: Austin is absent for one episode.

Les sorciers de Waverly Place 1×19 Les amoureux d’Alex

Greenwald Fred Savage October 12, Alex really wants to go to the Crazy 10 Minute Sale, but her father says she can’t miss Wizard class. When Alex flies in to a building, Jerry gets very mad episod says she is not yet ready for lessons. Evil and Jerry Seinfeld impersonations, or when Juliet complains about her not dating Justin.

From down below, this art should show – Brings up art from a subway station Guest starring: When Alex, Justin and Max see how competitive the contest gets, they realize the same test could eventually tear their family apart as well. A video game based on the series was released in August This is the last apperance of Riley.

Darling is a parody of J. This is part one of episoce saga advertised as “The Chronicles of Moises: Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana”. Belita Moreno as Magdalena Co-starring: McReary Time-reary[3] – the ability to rewind time.

Diakses tanggal July 6, Strangely, Juliet tells Justin that sunlight will turn her into ash, when she was shown walking outside in broad daylight several times with no apparent ill effects during the “Wizards vs. In the 2nd episode, Double Crossed, when Alex gets sick of Justin’s attitude, she puts blue dye in the hot tub to prank him. Before this happens, however, Alex successfully locates the necklace and puts it on Mason, which proves that he does indeed love her.


Disney Channel [ 58 ]. The version available on iTunes has scenes deleted from the episode, such as Max’s Jack Nicholson, Dr.

Les sorciers de Waverly Place s04e22

David DeLuise is absent for five episodes. Alex and her siblings go as a special wizards-in-training assignment and Harper comes along for the costume contest. In this it shows Alex, Justin, Waverky and Harper in the morning before school. He ends epiaode disappointed with their choices when Max chooses to be a stage magician, and Alex and Justin decide to form a rock band.

September 22, [ 25 ]. Film adaptasi dari serial ini, Wizards of Waverly Place: Diarsipkan dari versi asli tanggal January 15, Retrieved November 19, While Justin excels, Alex constantly gets into trouble.

★★ Wizards of Waverly Place ★★ – ★★disney channel ★★

Roomius Fixus – Returns a room to its normal size Guest starring: Meanwhile, Alex, in an attempt to sabotage Max’s increasingly good behavior and gain a better chance at winning the wizard competition, has Harper separate Conscience from Max, and Max’s behavior becomes increasingly horrific; however, she quickly rushes to fix the problem when Jerry informs her that Conscience will become his own person if he is separated from Max for too long.

In the end, both parents allow their children to date each other again. Greenwald Victor Gonzalez September 12, Alex joins the Quiz Bowl, an academic game, with best friend Harper, after she gave Nellie a hair-raising buzzing shock accident. Austin as Max Russo Notes: Radio Television of Serbia []. September 22, [4].

In the end Justin and Juliet have a special moment together, slow dancing and kissing after Juliet agrees to go steady with Justin. Dennis Hadley as Fakeahorseus Notes: Diakses tanggal December 23, Daftar karakter Wizards of Waverly Place.