Find the Treasures Members: Papua , Indonesia , Southeast Asia [2]. Episode 7 Key and Taemin. Journey of Self-discovery Members: Retrieved November 27, You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Nate News in Korean. Can you fix the link? Sumatra , Indonesia [92] [93]. B , Oh Ha-young Apink Ep. Omg, well if i get bored i know where to come look for smth to do: Biz Enter in Korean. Byung-man, Mark, Sung Hoon and Uee took the first option while the rest walked. No member can bring their own bags and all were packed by the other members who gave items they brought with them to the other members.

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I wil try finding other links and it will takes time. In the other team, Jota cut his leg while attempting to open a coconut and the staff had to take him to the nearest hospital.

I’m a new fan so this really helps!! While preparing their dinner, the water level rose and reached their camp, forcing them to move farther away from the shore. Retrieved July 27, Knew Taemin part starts at Episode 39 Key cuts. Before departing for the 33rd season in Julythe show’s creator and acting chief Kim Byung-man injured his spine while skydiving and had to miss the trip for the first time since the show’s creation in You are junhle using your Twitter account.

Sports Seoul in Korean. She was immediately taken to a hospital to get examined and treated.


Retrieved October 25, Retrieved 25 June With ‘Nomads’ as their theme, the cast must travel to four locations and over 10, km of episide in Mongolia. SBS News in Korean. Retrieved November 27, Law of the Jungle in Chatham Islands []. I have been thinking to do this for a while.

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Kim Byung-man sustained an injury while trying to climb down what they didn’t realize at the time was a cliff. Episode Jonghyun part starts at Retrieved 12 June Return to First Intentions Members: Despite this, Oh Jong-hyuk cut himself while climbing a coconut tree and had to get stitches. Episode Key cuts. JoongAng Ilbo in Korean.

Retrieved July 26, The staff also confiscated their bags which they returned after 24 hours. Episode Taemin RAW.

The celebrities who joined the singer special were challenged to survive on a barren island for three days.

Retrieved March 15, They completed their trip by attaching a directional sign to Seoul on the lighthouse ‘s signpost. Since they were expecting an island, they are shocked upon learning that they would have to stay in a shipwreck for 56 hours.

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Retrieved April 21, Retrieved January 17, Omg, well if i get bored i know where to come look for smth to do: Initially, the cast was asked to choose between ‘wolf’ which is actually Wolf Island and ‘elephant’ for the Elephant Rocksbut on the way to the Elephant Rocks, they saw the state of roads after the landslides caused by laaw rain and are informed that the road has been closed, forcing them to join the lqw on Wolf Island.


They were informed that it will continue to rain for jumgle and their current shelter will be flooded by then. Despite the staff’s suggestion that she return to South Korea for safety, Jeongyeon stayed with episodee tribe and used a wooden crutch the chief Kim Byung-man crafted for her. Episode 7 Key and Taemin. Retrieved May 25, Retrieved July 21, Upon their arrival in the country, they are immediately brought to the Cape Palliser Lighthouse which is in the southernmost episodd of the North Island.

Episode 31 Radio Star: Sung-hoon’s team traveled for 3 hours only to realize that they went around in a circle and ended up back where they started. They were tasked to visit every unique hidden geographical site on the map. Also, the show set a milestone by being the first Korean reality TV to successfully send a team to the Antarctic on a survival mission. Thank you so much!!

PapuaIndonesiaSoutheast Asia [2].

Star Today in Korean. Min Suga D Hehe same: Retrieved 17 July