This turned as you turned the steering, unlike the S1 which faced forwards which ever way the handle bars were. Lambro three wheelers For more information on the Lambro models, we suggest you visit this page as the amount of Lambro models made was as vast as the two wheeled scooters. The F version was basically an Model E, but with the troublesome pull start replaced by a kick start. The Model A is quite a rare beast these days, and they command high prices in Italy. Unless the Lambro has been used on regular basis, brake cylinders will almost certainly need overhaul. It will also be covered by the Consumer Credit Act

These exsit the frame near the feet instead of between the seats on the Italian made models. Again easily visible and repairable. Parts are mainly re made from one source in Italy, although these can some times be purchased by agents in different countries, expect spares to be at least difficult to obtain. J Range – The frame number is on the right hand side of the frame in front of the shock absorber spring underneath the right hand side panel. Parts are always harder to find, although second hand parts are always fairly easy to come by, especially engine items. Just click the pic to see more! They did this by cutting the frame directly in half along three quarters of its lenght, and welded in a strenghening plate. The work horse of Italy used to be a pretty rare sight here in the UK, but more and more have been imported over the years.

Lambro Lambro three wheelers are extremely well made, although again parts supply will be the main problem apart from finding one in this country to start with. Follow the Leg shield beading down to the bottom and the top, again there is an alloy end seriew at each end, try and check under here as this is the most common place for Leg shield splitting.

Frame numbers as with the SX above need to be checked closely for signs of re stamping and replacement.

tv715 The Model D and LD were also among th first versions that were made outside Italy as Innocenti sold license for production around the world. Very few spares, probably only available from one UK shop rv175 be obtainable.

I would highly recommend checking the frame number area as well for signs of tampering and weld marks, to be sure you purchase a correct model.

Just remember the more exotic modifications will be more expensive to put right should they fail.

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On the TV Eeries. This will cause the scooter to wobble on its stand, not sit straight on its stand, and at worst distort the leg shields. The Series three and all subsequent models were nick named the slim style.


Identify the Mk1 The mark 3 did not have an inside legshield tool box, the speedo and horn was housed in a casting that sat on top of the handle bars. Most Lambros were pretty restricted due to gearing to a top speed of around 35mph, so only town work should be considered if using as it daily.

Outwardly similar to Ser. Almost all Lambrettas have a very slight amount of rock, this is quite normal, but excessive rock or clanking noises at worst could need a complete engine strip to replace the rear hub bearing.

Parts supply, restoration, and information stems mainly from two Italian specialists. Unless the Lambro has been used on regular basis, brake cylinders will almost certainly need overhaul. Horses for courses, you must be prepared when buying a Lambretta that it IS an old classic vehicle, who ever has repaired, sold or even fully restored it for you.

The D can be quite confusing to identify as three different versions were available. Technically these models are very good, if cared for and serviced well, they can expect to cover over 40, miles without a major overhaul. It is very important that you know exactly which model of Lambretta you have before ordering parts. If a major overhaul is required, take care as some of the engine parts can be both delicate and tricky to fix.

Power mad UK buyers demanded more cc’s from Innocenti, but their reluctance to make such models was proven when the made the UK importer honour all warranty claims instead of the factory footing the bill. However, you can still expect the scooter to be: About Us Contact Us Advertise with us.

Lambretta Frame Numbers or VIN

Serious Lambretta collectors now seem to own most of these scooters C. Genuine models currently command high prices, and unless this is nhmbers model you really want, choosing or settling for a “lesser” model could often save you thousands!

You could quite easily write a book about all the different modifications, some are good, some well lets say just ask yourself if this is the type of modification you want. Genuine seats are often impossible to bumbers, and command high prices for good examples. The TV series three srries equiped with front disc brake for both the cc and cc versions.

The last two wheeled production machines to come from the Innocenti where the Electronic models of the GP. The straight edge should sit flat against each wheel from both sides.

Front sprocket retaining sleeve was home made, this can quite easily break and cause major damage. Some body parts and trim are becoming scarce, otherwise most parts are available. To view the parts we stock for these models, click here. The J range was the baby of the Lambretta models, and was primarily designed for ladies, being lightweight and using smaller stretch levers.


Trim and badges are all readily available without exception. They tend to split right in the middle, as passengers tend to put their weight on them when getting on the machine. TV1 are amongst the most regarded Lambrettas you can get, but can be more difficult and expensive for parts. Facts These were the smallest engine Lambretta produced, and in a strong would need exhaust power to keep it moving!


For more information on the Lambro models, we suggest you visit this page as the amount of Lambro models made was as vast as the two wheeled scooters. Spares are limited to more specialist Lambretta shops, sries parts are impossible to find but on the whole most spares can be found.

Parts availability for the more common later versions with separate air box between the fuel tank and toolbox is similar to Series II.

Examples on the left show you what to look out for, don’t buy one like this! The E model featured a hand operated pull start. When this is the case the origin of the part will be stated in the catalog.

Of satisfactory bumbers, bearing in mind its tv1755, what it cost and how it was described to you. II models; body parts and some electrical components are very nhmbers to find.

Engraving and chrome on customised scooters should be treated with caution if you wish to return the scooter to original spec as it is virtually impossible to remove engraving, expensive to de chrome items and to return to original condition.

If speed or originality are not important to you then this is not such a great problem, but certainly at least the frame number must match the log book. Serious Lambretta collectors now seem to own most of numbrrs scooters. Now the big problem with a Lambretta and your rights under this act, and you’ll notice I highlighted the following “bearing in mind its age” and Fit for any reasonable purpose text above. The model A was the first Lambretta to leave the production line at the Innocenti factory.

LD Family click on a specific model to see serial number info and download a parts book: