Greed, devotion, trust, betrayal, love, hatred, honesty. This drama is all about the ladies. They improved in the latter half, considering most of the scenes were done by actors themselves not by stuntmen. Discrimination came from two sources: She was so lifeless. What did she do? Retrieved 26 June

And one beautiful thing, while she passed away, she was wearing marriage ring, like the one she gave to Bidam. I thought, maybe watching it for the second time would change something. They should either leave everything in the hands of the actor, or give him more coherent points. After Deokman was recognized as Princess of Shilla, the true war with Mishil started, war we were waiting for over 25 episodes. While Bidam tracks down the Bokya, Yushin is sent on a private mission to spy on the enemy kingdom of Baekje. It was all because of his devotion.

He was given the position of gukseon — that is the head teacher of all Hwarang forces. Bidam all the way!! Sunday, 16 September Queen Seon Deok vs. It is amazing how every little detail seems to be interconnected culminating in a tale wrapped up nicely and neatly. Bidam is one of the most complicated characters I have ever witnessed.

The best were two last episodes where Bidam was emotional, not scheming. Later on the drama, he helped her way to the throne.

They just forgot about it completely. The latter helped them, and decided to leave Munno after his unfair words and join Deokman, Yushin and Alcheong. Because, ultimately, Bidam was a borderline personality. That is why I hate Munno.

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Besides, Bidam died ten paces away from Queen Mihil Deok with the fulfilment of his promise, to call her by her name- Deokman- even before his last breathe despite the fact that doing such disrespectful act kady prohibited and as if their world is other than Shilla and the crown that was adorned in her head.

Mishil had in her favor over 30 years in politics, Deokman had her determination and youth. La La Land 6.

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And how much do I LOVE that Mishil creates her own ,ady music for whenever she is plotting her maniacal deeds Thanks to smooth maneuverings by Munno and the nursemaid So Hwa Seo Young Heethe younger twin is successfully sent from the palace, however, she is being chased by another one of Mishil’s faithful llady, Hwarang Chisuk Ahn Kil Kang.

And he said that he would not ruin this the next time.

What is even more interesting and intriguing is the parallelism between the way Mishil’s mind works and how Bidam’s mind works. Besides I just could not relate to any of the characters.

Yes, she was loved by Deokman, she accepted him for what he is with her whole heart. But this was probably the wypadkowa of her rising in the Palace. He was a noble mishol. His lifelong quest to kill Deokman ended when on his path appeared Bidam and Yushin. Bidam at first was really out-going who enjoys his life.

And I noticed incoherencies in sketching the other characters. Personally, I hate it. Being physically abandoned by his mother since a baby is more than enough to inflict pain in a child.

In a process called a “script autopsy,” the center first identifies similar content in the two scripts. The excursion of Mishil and Bidam. Seondeok died in And to mishll honest, there are not that much characters I liked. Queen trusted him though. Mishil said it once, that the thing she hated the most in Deokman was her youth. I thought, maybe watching it for the second time would change something.

There are also minor faults and scenes that made me feel uneasy or just not too comfortable. Bidam repeated it, but Munno did the same and turned. I was fast forwarding the first 20 episodes so quickly that I missed this.

That is why he was scorned constantly by Alcheon and Yushin for that. To be perfectly honest, a lot of the historical dramas I’ve watched have focused ,ady male characters, and I suppose that makes sense because in that time period, men were the be all and end all, weren’t they? His wife Maya, was weak and constantly on the verge of weeping.


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Of course, as dramaland goes, any fall into a massive expanse of water is not a true death unless bodies are found. Mishil, who of course, has spies outside of the birthing chamber learns of the birth and sets the wheels in motion to claim her power. The true strength of Alcheon lay in his fidelity. This way he would be kept away from the treacherous clan. Furious Bidam asked Yushin for a thousand of his men to deaht the problem when his followers fled Seorabeol and hid in the old mine.

Princess Deokman was taken by Sohwa and they remained for a short time under the protection of another rogue — Munno.

The World According to Bel: Queen Seon Deok vs. Mishil: An Amazing tale of two Strong Women

Her hardships in the desert have given her a fighting spirit and since she didn’t grow up in the palace she is not intimidated by Mishil or her schemes. He is loyal to the true king, but has been biding his time, as it was episoxe the appropriate moment to fight. Alright, it’s time to give the men in sageuk land a break and go back to female protagonists. This was the greatest blessing for the drama, but in the end, it came out as the biggest weakness of it.