So kakami puts up a cold and aggressive front to hide his true feelings of hurt and sadness. So this was my first yaoi, and I loved it! Read some manga today! The connection between the characters was cute and awesome! Anyway, let me inform you that I don’t like furries. Not only is he cute, but his actions are appropriate.

If you’re only reading the manga for the smut then feel free to ignore this comment, however, that’s not what I as a reader am pursuing, and boy am I sick of the tedious cycles that the author keeps copy-pasting onto this series. Was this comment useful? Kuroneko Kareshi no aishi kata 2 Dear Plus Comics. No topics currently in the forum, view the forum or add a new topic now. I never thought too much sex would be a bad thing. We have recently updated our privacy policy, which will be implemented from May 25, onwards.

Yes it’s beautiful, the sex is fucking hot, BUT with a series this long, without a good plot AND character development, your story ends up an empty shell, beautiful but empty. Read some manga today! Mangago is not the correct story line order from the manga Cs Kareshi no Aishikata v1 Volume 1: Kuroneko Kareshi no afure kata 2 Dear Plus Comics.


The misunderstandings and cliche drama drag on to the point of being very forceful and at some point it became transparent that the author just want to have something to solely keep this story running longer.

To be honest, I’ve seen better.

Also let me just say that i do not condone any of the actions that kakami does during his states of anger. But most of all Last updated on December 4th,6: Gotta admit, this was a good yaoi. Vd is everyone loving it? An interesting setting, good characters, wonderful art, and ,areshi smut. Try out our new iPhone application! The smut is a strong point and at the same time a weak point when too much of this manga.


Collectible kuroneko kareshi no asobikata. And this manga does. Even so, some might still appreciate this to the end.

Sakyo Aya – ಌ CASSIE ಌ

Bad for my heart and eyes. I loved the supernatural factor that the mangaka added to this.

Oh and how i love the humour in this manga. And in the series we learn that scent is very important in a romantic relationship between werecats because it shows how much their partner loves the other.

The biggest problem of this manga is that it is way too long without offering anything too ground breaking. I hate furry Yaoi I really like the uke. Moving on from that, i loved seeing kakami’s leopard spots appear whenever he got excited. Last updated on January 5th,8: But man, can this viscous cycle of emotions cause so many problems. Shingo is, to my surprise, a lot more reasonable, though he is slowly turning wimpy. Maturity ratings are determined by standards organizations in Japan.

So much drama is present, so if you hate stories that are filled with that type of content than you might want to skip this one. The art is beautiful and very well detailed. Kana Hanazawa Complete Listings items. I never thought too much sex would be a bad thing. O Complete Listings items. You must be logged in to update information on this page. As I’ve been very disappointed myself and would have liked to know beforehand, I think others might appreciate knowing this.

THAT’S your brilliant name!? Kakami will not be a very likable guy if he exists in real life, but since this is yaoi, where guys like him is not rare, I guess I have to take it as it is.


Might take me a while before I could get back to this mess of a series that’s quickly losing its touch which there wasn’t even a lot of to begin with. Other than that, is it good? And let me just say that the introduction of the side characters rather rubbed me the wrong way.

Log in to vote! It was a little disturbing, the seme definitely goes a bit overboard. Was this comment useful? So to those who haven’t started reading this yet, or those that only read the first or second volume of this series, I must warn you.

It’s really repetitive and the sex gets repetitive too, it’s just rough and begging most of the time. Here the problems begin.

I think there could be a little more drama with the characters, enough to build their relationship and have character amaekqta. This series is just a hot smutty mess and made me want to scream at the characters for making such stupid decisions.

kuroneko kareshi no amaekata cap 1 manga cd drama

I was practically “nosebleeding” in every single chapter. Kuroneko Kareshi no aishi kata 1 Dear Plus Comics. Yea I get it, the art was good. So kakami puts up a cold and aggressive front to hide his true feelings of hurt and sadness.