Posted April 2, I’ll try to persevere so that i could be cured of the K2H syndrome. What grips me most is actually not that larger idea, but the mechanics of what that relationship needs in order to make it to the end — not just love, but friendship, complete trust, and an equal partnership. I loved everything in this drama! She was not put off by his lack of physical prowess or courage. It seems that politicians in most countries owe him big time. They face southward and bow.

While he does not like King Jae-ha, he is reluctant to fight against him. Lee Yun Kyung Supporting Cast. But as we seen what he had gone through his metamorphoses is believable: Where are u hailing from, btw? That life is often an ugly truth, but what matters most is how you handle and cope with it, not the result. You finished it already? Retrieved March 21, Wednesday is coming soon

Love this OTP to bits! I basically marathoned this drama in two days because Korewn simply could not turn it off, the cliffhangers were that great! But whatever, we need to beat others! I’m laughing so hard, when they say: Osi May 28, at 3: I think this is actor-singer Seung Gi Lee’s best performance by far.

The King 2 Hearts

Wednesday seems so far Download the latest version here. Posted April 2, Compared this to Jae Ha-Hang Ah’s which dialogue transcending through gesture and slight movement, their relationship is much more conventional Knight in shining armor and Damsel in distress. Dear, it’s not the time for vote yet.


I’m also watching it. Lee Jae-kang Lee Sung-minthe current king, tricks him into joining a joint military msyoju with North Korea as a means to help “make him grow up. And yet, their interaction with and love for each other just spurs them to reach their full potential as better individuals.

Don’t even get me started on Earnest Bot, he definitely deserves all the attention koraen he’s getting now! I posted it everywhere,twitter,fb,soompi,DB. He is concerned about the fact that his daughter is having a hard time trying to get married. He becomes determined to honor his brother’s memory by holding on to the pacifist values his brother espoused.

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Regarding the rendezvous, wish you could join us myxoju. Lee Soon Jae Supporting Cast. Hang Ah is touched and really starts falling for him for real but then Jae Ha pulls the rug out from under her the next day, cruelly telling her it was all part of his seduction campaign to lead her on and then drop her.

He offers advice to Prince Jae-ha in several schemes involving the capture of Hang-ah’s heart. Now crowned the new King of South Korea, Jae-ha must learn to be responsible and protect the country before it is too late.

King 2 Hearts Korean Drama Review

If SK hadn’t died then whenever there was imminent danger JH would’ve used him as a crutch to seek strength and support. BTW, I’m still looking for a drama to watch, is Princess’ Man really that good or any other dramas you would recommend to watch? She asks if the change in situation will change their hearts. I know a lot of people were calling his behavior “noble idiocy,” but I see nothing noble about repeatedly trying to change the best qualities about the one you love.


OMG same here rearwindow She encourages him to be honourable and upright, thus gaining the respect of all. Grinning like crazy at his antiques in the first few episodes There are so many incredible scenes in the second half of this drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

He tells her to rip it up: The total counts don’t affect the judging results. But JH sees her worth and sees her love and is man enough not to be intimidated.

Although it doesn’t count but in case you still want to show your love for TK2H, there’s a software called Autoclick helps you mhsoju vote automatically, search google to find.

OSI, my long lost sister!!!

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