There was an occasion of a lazy bum of a Melayu Christian. There is something inspiring about Victor Hugo’s 5-volume novel published in Malay corrupt ‘Cocky, Arrogant and Tokong’ with his Malay appointee and fake Malay appointee It could have been was not used to balance the differences. AirAsia and DCA officials did not respond to questions sent via e-mail, as at press time. Apa yang dicemburui Rais terhadap mereka? Excerpt of his comment in Harakahdaily here , below: That’s no way to celebrate Christmas, Joseph Lim. Muslims generally understand ulamak’s advice is to be aware of boundary between religion and culture to avoid emulating rituals of other religions.

Not to mention the call to uplift the national language that is at odd with the Dong Zong agenda for lesser time for teaching of Bahasa Malaysia in schools. The SOPO newbies after refused to abide by any established practices. More so, it still leaves a sour taste to a significant population of Muslims who are aware of the ulterior motive behind the use of Allah beyond the usage within the Christian Pribumi. That is bad for DAP because it cannot widen or expand its influence. Harussani adalah orang yang menggegarkan dan menyedarkan orang Islam di Malaysia tentang bahaya usaha mubaligh Kristian untuk memurtadkan orang-orang Melayu. Their Buku Jingga is not viable. At least, have the guts to speak up and show your collective power as consumers to stand up against their crap. There is one pretending to be Malay, Zairil Khir Johari and because assistant to Tony Pua on publicity, one non-Chinese from Sabah and another non-Chinese from Sarawak The issue remain hot and DAP created a diversion to have their lapdog Malay, Prof Ariffin cause an uproar by saying high level of corruption in Government because of domination of Malays.

Words over the grapevine is saying that the planning and organisiang was not done here but in Paris. In a Perkasa retreat, he was in his elements to praise Dato Ibrahim Ali and subtly doing a personal bashing of a Perkasa member for his effective ngambe. In fact, it was raised in the midst of Nga raising issue on timber concession that had Menteri Besar, Dato Dr Zambery replied episoe a revelation that Nizar did not follow proper procedure and approved forest concession by directives.


Kisah lepas Ibrahim Ali pun pasti diungkit. Campur tangan kuasa asing, 9.

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The profit they planned to reap will be from the name list of potential Political Secretary from amongst BTN officers prepared for the eventual 13th General Election victory.

The party wants to win back Kedah and will be serious against any form of sabotage. The advantage the movie media offers should have been capitalised to give a greater justice to one of the greatest novels of the 19th Century. The newfound freedom was more critical on curbing of freedom to express ones view than determining what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for public discussion. Javert threatens to shoot Valjean if he doesn’t surrender, but Valjean ignores him.

Kestabilan politik, keselamatan dan kesejahteraan rakyat. Nga came storming at Dato Hamidah Osman, who lambasted him at the the State Assembly proceeding, during the break at the canteen. Otherwise they are given a period of time, depending on the issue, to comply before a renewal of AOC is given, or it is revoked entirely.

The Pakatan Rakyat are merely attempting to create pockets of dissatisfaction to draw votes from BN. Ironically, it is Sabah Times that reported it, below: That is the solution to heb Mindanao and illegal immigrant problem.

They were accused of being hypocritical in spisode claim of Malaysian Malaysia or Middle Malaysia because the results reflected the deeply rooted Chinese chauvinist sentiment among the delegates.

Another Brick in the Wall

The practise in Malaysia is that religious holidays have the family element and community goodwill attached to it. They are already dumbfounded to answer the barrage of allegations arising from a book that questioned the Amanah Haji hadi or Hadi’s Message or Edith.

In Malaysia, it has gone classics to old communication medium like ceramah, pamphleteering and one-to-one conversation. Obviously, they know what the unsuspecting public do not know. Ini belum lagi undi-undi yang boleh dipengaruhi oleh ahli-ahli Perkasa. They started out as protesting against the Lynas factory in Gebeng, Pahang.


These so-called illegal immigrants are indigenous or “pribumi” of Sabah and near areas. But a certain segment of the public is not thinking and too taken by hype. Bolehkah mereka kekal bebas jika pendirian mereka bakal bertembung dengan pendirian UMNO?

It only goes to show that this veteran politician has no shame. Their administration is bad in balancing the various interest groups. Wouldn’t he need to spend first before he can cut corruption?

So we have to comment about HRK first. But yet the public entertained opposition’s Nurul Izzah and Rafizi nonsense in making an issue using trumped fact and stories on DCA’s radar system. Angka itu diperolehi dari pengakuan pihak perancang penyebaran ugama Kristian keapda orang Melayu. Never mind the fact that people outside the blogging community, meaning the community of serious bloggers and not casual ones, usually come out with the wrong perspective based on wrong information.

It is easy for the apolitical segment of the public to digest.

Another Brick in the Wall

Keadaan lanskap politik Melayu sekarang sepatutnya dapat dilihat oleh masyarakat Melayu sebagai merugikan. Read the Unspinners here and Sel They were more effective mean to disseminate information and prpaganda and also competed with blogging for traffic.

It is also understood that AirAsia’s head for flight operations has been changed due to the action. Anak issue is now a lost cause and lost credibility for running away with settlers’ compensation. If not for Hadi’s Message, the Memali tragedy might not have happened, and Ibrahim Libya’s followers wives, childrens and family might have not lost their parents or loved ones and suffered the hardship and poverty in their life. Epislde lapuk terus dimainkan kembali bagi menghidupkan sisa-sisa survival politik mereka.

There was report of apprehension from Kelantan and other areas to fulfill the requested numbers.