The Proud Family Oh wait a minute, how about a compass? In , Kel filmed his writing and producing debut, Dance Fu , in which he also starred as the lead role. They were also featured in an episode of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Listen, this MY store! And a huge glove growing in the sink no less. The Grown-Up Years , getting everyone back working together. Long enough for a person to be born, grow up and reach the legal age to have a pint.

Henson, Kathy Griffin, Shemar Moore. Show all 6 episodes. This page was last edited on 24 February , at Heard what I said? In , Nickelodeon scoured the country looking for talented youngsters for their new sketch comedy show, All That. I said wave your cans in the air!

You were having a conversation with two people, who were in a comedic rhythm.

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That’s where the Headless Knight lives! Today we’re going to be talking about witchcraft, and we’re going to start by mogies the Salem Witch Trials. I always thought you were talentless.

This multi-talented showbiz personality has been successful in making his presence felt in different forms of entertainment. Showing all 24 items.

Twelve bottles of orange soda! And Kel; You’re fired! Everyone’s favourite orange soda loving idiot may have lost out to his co-star on the Kmible gig, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy himself. Roger, you smell like gas.

Yeah, no such thing. But I don’t work here. It sure is, but it’s not as good as the pizza we had mvoies pizzas ago. We hit the goal, I guess we can retire now. Man; think about how cool it’s gonna be when we get our own car.


Here’s What Kel Mitchell Is Up To Now (He Still Loves Orange Soda)

Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Family. That’s a little hard to explain We love you, donkey! Ready to feel very, very old? The scene where they put the sauce poisoning in; it took eight hours. Case I lost one. Additionally, he made an appearance in kimbke Kanye West music video All Falls Down as a luggage collecting valet.

What happened to my store? Kel, nobody is going to buy a shirt that says ‘Friend of Hero’. Mitchell and Thompson grew up not in a classroom, but on theme park rides between takes at Universal Studios and on the set of a music video with Coolio.

Man he lives in water! Who loves orange soda? Repost with the title R.

Why we getting nail polish if we just gonna remove it? It says here that the tongue can be a very powerful weapon in the fight against evil. Kenan, Mvoies don’t touch a tarantula. Don’t the frozen yogurt shop GOT a door? Mystery Men Invisible Boy.

You talked me into wearing pantyhose, you talked me into tickling that policeman, you talked me into getting bat mitzvahed Did you say a witch? Hostages almost rhymes with sausages!

Kel Mitchell: Kel Kimble

Well, he might get thirsty. However, these days, Kel has made a return to Nickelodeon, where he’s finding fans in a new generation of kids. I bet I can break this desk with it! Aside from cultivating facial foliage, Kel Mitchell has been honing his skills on the other side of the camera.


Uh, I had a problem kinble my car. Well it is true that people actually still practice witchcraft. Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. Yeah, I’m tired of that song. Yeah, and I know it sounds strange but she was scratching and she’s got a green tongue and she smells like fire! You know what I mean. Well, maybe we can catch him! But he’s not bitter about being killed off by weirdos online.

Well, Obviously the register broke, the ice machine overflowed and the hot dogs caught on fire.

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Home TV Kenan and Kel: Basically, he just passed out when he found out we were robbed. And remember this, witches can cast good spells and bad spells, AND, if a witch doesn’t like you Retrieved February 1, kimmble The Grown-Up Yearsgetting everyone back working together.

Hey Kenan, what’s with the getup?

Show all 15 episodes. It was a sad day back in when we all read about the tragic, untimely death of Kenan and Kel star – Kel Mitchell.