The player didn’t seem to mind, and commented that the loss of the rather thick pearl meant that his fingers sat better and more aligned on the stack. The two red lines on the right indicate the surface of the die this would be the leather of the pad and rim of the tone hole. The rest of the action is very well laid out. Bear in mind that a test for leaking pads is to slip a cigarette paper between the tone hole rim and the pad – if the pad seats it will grip the paper. The sax is 1. Looks like a good deal, although might be much harder to resell than a Keilwerth if I won’t be satisfied of the sound. I have long said that advertising is the practice of being deceitfull in a manner for which you can’t be held liable.

Given the wide bell rim and the slightly retro look I was half expecting it to err on the warm side tone-wise, but it’s actually quite a bright horn. If you own a Keilwerth SX90R series horn and are concerned or curious as to whether your horn suffers from warped tone holes, you are invited to bring it along to the workshop for a free inspection. It doesn’t look particularly attractive – and it makes the action feel wider under the fingers. Now I can’t focus on my school tests because I keep thinking of it The low Eb had a warp only on one side nearest the bell to body joint. There are two things about this horn that strike you the moment you clap eyes on it.

If it is an EX, Euros sounds like a bargain.

Every single cup saxophoone the right hand stack leaked at the front, which indicates that the pads are too thick for the given cup angle. The owner had tried a number of techniques to combat this problem, from lighter fluid and various pad powders through to using fine carborundum paper on the tone keilwetrh rims.

February Addendums added, see below A professional quality instrument with many unusual features Note: If it grips even less, or perhaps not at all, then you have a significant leak. They’d been turning saxes out for a number of years, but it wasn’t until they produced the SX series of horns that they finally stepped into the limelight.

I took some time to discuss with the client his reasons for buying this horn, the results of which can be read here: I’m inclined to feel that the pillar bases are just a touch on the small side – though the flipside to that argument is that it’s better to have a pillar pop off in the event of a drop than have it hang on and stove in the body.


It gets a tad too bright on the top C – I noticed this note jumping out on me in fast passages.

If you’ve read my review of the SX90R tenor you’ll know that there’s an issue with the tone holes on these saxophones. This is probably a good reason for going with the brushed finish rather than a high polish. More money does sefies necessarily give a better sound. After 30 odd years of playing, my fingers are pretty much ‘set’ at a standard pressure when I pick a horn up.

The hand engraving on the bell comes through in gold to compliment the altl lacquer inner bell.

Vintage Julius Keilwerth EX90 Series II Alto Saxophone With Case

SX90 Keilwerth sx90 “What struck me immediately with this horn was the overall darker tonal colour compared to others that I had tried.

As regards general build quality the comments for the Anniversary horn above apply. I loved the old EX horn I went back to the shop serjes the EX was sold. Any more than that is completely unnecessary – and it gets tiring eventually.

I had to replace a missing felt under the A key and reset a slightly poorly seated low Bb pad – but that’s about it. From the choices you have listed, I really wouldn’t want to choose any of them personally except maybe the Borgbut I would probably give my nod to the Yamaha over the others.

There was a very good evenness of tone in all registers, which is so difficult to achieve on the saxophone, and this was achieved at all dynamic levels. I would like to waxophone more evidence that the problem is finally sorted – but I’ll say this reviee An initial play-test at normal volume didn’t show up a particular problem – low Bb was easily achievable, but the same test at subtone showed a sharp drop-off in sries from D downwards.

A review of the Keilwerth SX90R alto saxophone

Rather than sitting more or less on the pearls, their height forced my fingers to rest on the front edge. Just want to make sure you understand what I was getting at: But all of this pales into insignificance beyond this point Mind you, sometimes you can have too much choice – and I’m pretty sure that some people will end up adjusting the touchpieces for ever more in an effort to find the best position for them.

If you look closely at the top stack you might just notice reviwe one of the key pearls is missing on the A touchpiece.

The fact of the matter though is that the SX90R is a good horn – but it’s tragically let down by the tone hole problem. I ended up getting a Yamaha which was cheaper alot recommended by my teacher but I later regretted having still in mind the ease of blowing.


Keilwerth Ex90 Series Ii Alto Sax- Lacquer | Low Price Guaranteed | BROOK MAYS [email protected]

If you’ve enjoyed this article or found it useful and would like to contribute towards the cost of creating this independent content, please use the button below. I had a minor problem with a couple of sticky keilwrth but other than that, really nice. However, if they are responsible for the great response and the precision with saxpphone I was able to play then they are well worth having on a saxophone.

I am not concerned with things like adjustable palm rest, engravings or real mother of pearl keys, I am just willing to buy a great sounding and free-blowing sax with a warm tone in cooperation with my NY metal Ottolink! That’s quite an achievement – so let’s see if revied up to the competition I agree that it’s possible to debate the comments on tone asxophone suchlike, but that’ll always be the case – and they’re presented strictly as personal impressions and seriew rough guide as to what you might reasonably expect a horn to do.

I still struggled a little with the ergonomics, but that’s largely down to the key pearls – if this was my alto I’d have those babies off in a flash and replaced with something thinner The sax is 1. Yeah i’ll go with what you say, or not.

I noted a bottle of ‘pad powder’ in the client’s case – so the issue of sticking pads with wide tone hole rims is an ongoing issue.

This low C tone hole is from an SX90R alto in the xxx serial number range, and according to the owner it was bought new in or around Now look to the left of the tone hole and you can see a similar but smaller gap. There i still some slight evidence of stickiness, but nowhere kei,werth as much as there was before – a point easily proven due to one original pad having been left on side F.

I began to notice the feel of the thick pearls under my fingers. The player didn’t seem to mind, and commented that the loss of the rather thick pearl meant that his fingers sat better and more aligned on the stack.

And it really is seriws tragedy.