It won’t win any popularity contests, but it is worth seeing. Take a film like TULPAN, which is so simple, so unpretentious, and yet, manages to show us things in life that are so delicate and complicated! Philby-3 3 June It’s dry, dusty, and windy; too many lambs are stillborn. Kazakh documentary maker Sergey Dvortsevoy has brought us the acclaimed feature film Tulpan. Not a dry National Geographic Special, Tulpan has ethnic and pop music, adorable children, moments of wicked humor, and an unforced naturalism that is captivating. Finally, a Kazakh character to cheer for!

Add the first question. Similalrly, it owes a great deal of debt to some of the Italian neo-realist works of the s and 50s; the film coming to resemble as much an articulate tale about characters going through transitions and suffering hardships as it is a raw and uncompromising depiction of life in the barren locale in which it’s set. Dvortsevoy’s film is a bare-all look at life upon this locale, when particular characters are rounding up cattle and a large whirlwind of sand and dust kicks up nearing itself to the livestock, that’s a true-to-life event captured in its rawest form on film and incorporated into the text going on to not only affect the characters we’re identifying with, but doubling up to outline life as it is in this exact zone. However, I can’t see the steppes becoming a tourist destination except for some very hardy travellers. He hopes to arrange a marriage for himself with the help of his sister and brother-in-law with a local girl he’s never met, Tulpan. But some will be impressed by its vividness.

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This page was last edited on 11 Julyat He looks for a bride and plans to settle down to a life of herding sheep on the Hungersteppe Betpak Dala of Kazakhstan. It doesn’t seem to go kzakhstan with Kazakkhstan aged dad Amangeldi Nurzhanbayev or her mother Tazhyban Kalykulovawho apparently has listened with a sympathetic ear to her desire to go tullan to college. Really good movie, though one that’s more on the quieter side, but it’s a lovely little movie nonetheless. In the interview, Dvortsevoy described how the story came together, 20 percent of the film was from his original script while the other 80 percent came about from a real-time reworked script based on the circumstances and conditions that arose on location.

So, when Tulpan rejects Asa as a husband, it is not because of physical appearance, it is kazakhsstan of what kind of husband he would make and what kind of future they would have together. Ondas’s lambs keep dying and the vet is called how is a mystery.


It is about life on the Central Asian steppes of Kazakhstan. The assault on the senses, the constant noise of that bratty kid singing, that other kid shouting, the kaza,hstan, the camel stampede or sheep stampede. And how come, since much of the action revolves around moving the animals kazaknstan pasture, we never once not once see a sheep or a cow or a camel EAT anything? The movie is basically about unrequited love, but it has the feel of a documentary.

Post Share on Facebook. Asa keeps trying to win her as he tries to become a shepherd. But he still is very ambivalent about whether he wants to stay and face Ondas’ disapproval or strike out for Sakhalin island as Boni wants or go to the capital, Astana, where there are probably jobs–and eligible women. He’s the conduit to the “outside”, and so is more worldly than the herdsmen he serves. That’s it – how long can fulm watch people living in a confine area where very little happens.

Asi’s tractor driver friend, with flm collection of pin-ups in his cab, also provides some amusement. I wished this movie to be longer.

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Much of the film takes place in the tent house called a yurt that is shared by Asa Askhat Kuchinchirekovhis brother-in-law Ondas Ondasyn Besikbasovhis older sister Samal Samal Yeslyamovaand three children. KissEnglishPasto 2 August It’s Boni who first brings Asa to the yurt of Ondas and who dreams and schemes with him. Zhappas Zhailanbeaev as Boss.

Tulpan is a natural showcase for the region and Cinematographer Joly Dylewska captures the swirling dust and the stark landscape with striking success. I’m sure this was intentional, but irritating nonetheless.

Please click the link below to receive your verification email. His pal is the nutty Boni Tulepbergen Baisakalova transport driver whose truck is plastered with magazine photos of nude babes and who plays loud pop music as he drives madly across the plain. What about the other lambs?

Nothingness with very little mmunier 4 May Dvortsevoy has said that the people who live in the Hunger Steppe have always intrigued him; in the interview he revealed how he has always noticed an inner balance to the people that live in this part of the world, a happiness despite subjective adversity that has always interested him.


Dvortsevoy blurs the line between fiction and reality as he offers us an unforgettable peek at an almost alien universe, displaying a remarkable control of his shaky camera and capturing some incredible fortuitous shots against the barren, ruthless sight of the Kazakhstan steppe.

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An interesting tale of the true Kazakstan. Dvortsevoy has restored respectability to the term reality. This excellent low-key documentary records the daily life of an elderly filn man in Russia.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I highly recommended this film, but certainly not for those whose appetite is limited to the usual dose of Hollywood mind candy; action, special effects, violence, sex, and schmaltz.

Sheep-herding on the Asian Steppe is anything but exciting. As this life is portrayed in the movie, it’s not meant for dreamers or amateurs. All in all, it’s worth seeing once and you’ll learn something, but it’s no classic. The highway of the title is a 2, mile dirt road in Kazakhstan.

Asa, the main character, has come home from his duties as a sailor in the navy. In the mean time, Asa wants to own farmland; Tulpan’s unwillingness to take his hand in marriage the only thing stopping young Asa from living his dream and that notion of whether Asa wants to effectively marry into her family so as to attain this or whether he genuinely loves her as who she is, is neatly captured by Dvortsevoy. What can Asa do? An eminently lovable film.

It is revealed Tulpan’s family are careful in whom they select to marry their daughter and whilst it is her future being discussed, Tulpan is relegated to peering through beaded strings formulating a make-shift door as her father in the business management tulpaj instigates a class war into the film by rejecting what is effectively a ‘pitch’ on behalf of Asa and an extension of his family.