This makes Manik feel jealous. He asks Kabir to share it. Manik is shocked to know the truth about Kabir which he had kept secret until now. Dhruv feels betrayed by Alya, as she hatched a plan against Nandini. Nandini is thankful to Alya to have freed her from the despicable contract. He stops comes back and runs to hug her.

Part one of Raghav’s punishment has concluded. They run for it and accidentally tackle Nandini off the cliff, and chaos ensues. Manik asks Kabir who he is dating. The judges declare NH3 as winners. Dhruv turns out to be the only one mature amongst the arrogant five. He calls Cabir but then stops, Manik looks at Dhruv who is with Nandini and turns around and texts Nandini to meet her.

Tanvi 4th Nov – 9: Akhila 4th Nov – 8: Cabir says to Harshad that you are a coward and if want yaariayn attack then do it from front. The college offers full scholarships to both of them in order to save it’s reputation. Tanvi 4th Nov – 8: Manik says that I just came to see you, Nandini says that everyone is going to wake up as morning is approaching. Part one of Raghav’s punishment has concluded. Navya has a crush on Harshad. Manik breaks up with Alya. Navya can not believe it when she is invited by FAB5.


Navya tells Nandini she is in love with Harshad. I think why would cabir put himself in trouble ,even if he does it he wil be the one who kept raghav in trouble by showin their love to everyone. Manik makes Nandini perform a series of chores meant for servants. Nandini changes the name from Monster Manik to Manik. An Emotional hug frm Malik is nothing but his inability to leave Nandu…. Harshad is worried about Alya. This makes Nandini decide to join S.


Manik did not forget Kabir’s well-kept secret. When the pen isn’t found, Nandini wants it back from the FAB5. Nandini seems delighted to be at the party, but she is unaware of what is to happen.

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Cabir says that it was a misunderstanding and we should focus on musicana. Manik comes to meet Nandini at her place to talk about the connection between Dhruv and her brother. The judges declare NH3 as winners.

Dhruv and Manik try to bond. At the end of the updates you can also add video of the show.

I think its kuch kam roshan hai roshani from film dostana. But he episodees ends up losing trust on one of his own band member. Niyonika uses Manik to get some papers signed by Manik’s father. Nandini texts Manik and says that I will meet episode later. Navya is in a dilemma as her dreams can only be fulfilled by joining FAB5.

Nandini and Manik are locked in the store room. Manik hums and she says that you have to go. She blames Manik for all of her troubles. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Manik stays with Rishabh at the hospital. Nandini tries to find out the mystery behind the star’s drawing.


Merina 4th Nov – 9: Manik says that give me half an hour while Aliya says that I have never seen you stressed before a performance. Nandini and Navya intervene and save Shahid’s life. This makes Manik feel jealous. This is tooo interesting…. Manik hides Nandini in his house to avoid his band members discovering her. Nandini is talking to her firfles saying that should I tell him your secret. Nandini and Dhruv gaariyan a good time.

Nandini says that I think you should sleep and Manik says that I want to meet you now and screams and cancels the call. Dhruv spots Alya paying money to the kaiei for harassing Nandini.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan S01

He and Nandini become good friends. Add Image S1, Ep9. Dhruv feels betrayed by Alya, as she hatched a plan against Nandini. Kabir surprises his gang by introducing his girlfriend to them. Navya 5th Nov – 4: The next morning at the college Navya comes tense hitting everyone.

Manik and nandini are too cute I just love them and nandini ke liye dhruv serf ek acha dost nothing else.