Inside, Young carelessly throws away his sword. He heard that the antidote culture was destroyed so Young should be together with Eun-soo. Though this is not the best period drama that cross my path due to the rather so call plot and the characters Young looks down at his hand, empty of sword and trembling slightly. Jang’s exit was alright. All I can think about that is that she was quite satisfied with whatever she had eaten! First of all, I never thought he would ever do one so imagine how shocked I was on the first episode when he delivered.

He says that he is offering his forgiveness on the condition that Deok Heung leaves the country and gives up his name and claim to throne. I think the conflict’s more or less like Arang’s where she’d rather give up her body and keep her memories and Magistrate is like what?? Meta [Happily never after] Maybe JJ October 24, at 6: Son Yoo replies that the information he received about Goryeo claimed that the king was on his way to becoming a tiger but since his claw was Young, if he got rid of him, he could raise Gongmin like a kitten. Notify me of new comments via email. Though this is not the best period drama that cross my path due to the rather so call plot and the characters Thx for the link!

You almost wish they could have just one day of peace before the clouds roll in, but then that would make for bad drama. It akdorama fun when she begs him to do all these things, but she doesn’t just do that for fun. I will hide here, right by your side. My heart aches for him.

The king readies as well, with his entourage following him. To tame him, his right-hand-man Choi Young would have to be eliminated. But she hugs him anyways because she knows its what he really really needs even if he doesn’t know itjust pure acceptance and an oasis of love. He’s not necessary doing the good things for our heroes, but he’s convinced he’s doing the right things for Goryeo, not for himself.


Like the way you put it – a whole new drama, haha. Personally, feel this drama is too draggy with too many repetition going on. Maybe he overused his power. His right hand starts to shake, forcing him to use his left.

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Don’t worry Auntie, these two are probably used fzith playing tongue tag anyway so it’s ok. I’m so glad the queen was there to be just as pissed off as all the viewers probably were. He only knows how to write it because he memorized the letters. All the people who were killed had injuries that only Hwa-Eum could inflict. What on earth kadogama King and his Hierarchy sounds like they are going down hell.

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Ki Chul is also noticeably kadirama, almost as if his icy ki powers are chilling him from the inside now. Inside his room, Young turns to Eun-soo, peeved. Young hurries back to the Woodalchi lair to find the Woodalchi all lined up in front of Eun-soo with bowls in their hands, ready to drink the tea that Eun-soo made for them to help relieve their exhaustion.

All I know was that when they shot the aspirin, I was thinking “Oh, give it to her!! One sounds a lot more romantic in words, but with the other one you get to actually live the experience. Thx for the link! Being a Wudalchi is part of what Young is and Eun Soo knows it. I hope Young uses his inner power to blast all the baddies away. Will he leave everything behind to be with her? Eun-soo prepares Lady Choi on what to expect after she takes the dose, while Young sits there with his head in his hands.

Gongmin and Young approach their meeting with Deok-heung, and Gongmin says things could get ugly. But hey, not so when faced with the biggest baddie n for self defence!

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And the couple moments – CY holding both ES’s hands in the beginning when talking to her, CY wiping ES’s hands before removing her armour and tucking her into bed, CY entwining his fingers with ES in bed, and the soft, gentle, heartfelt smiles between them throughout the episode Kadoramma that why you said those words before?


Like in Back to the Future? I do like the little beats and the occasional rawr, what were kadlrama doing, but it seems like that’s as far as it went, there isn’t body language to say otherwise. Eun-soo wants to ends this conversation and leave but Young stops her. You ask if I came from another world?

Dol-bae, you damn noble idiot I am still crying!!!!! The kids said when they go in the room they see two chairs put together and they suspected you were sleeping on them.

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But Son Yoo warns him that the palace soldiers will be here tomorrow morning to search. He holds them at swordpoint and orders them captured and tied up. Deok Heung paces, wondering why Ki Chul is not taking this chance to go the palace right now. With only one episode left, though, I’m not sure that this is actually what will happen I keep trying to tell myself that they look great together but all I see is Min Ho and noona.

I want to know what’s up with CY’s hand? She had never ending tears. Well it does make sense but I think this should have been explained better. She beelines for Eun-soo and shoves the book at her, but Eun-soo reiterates her poor hanja reading skills, so Deoki fidgets impatiently as Lady Choi is called to read it for her.

He tells him he met with Eun-soo and confirmed that she is from heaven. So he asked Bamboo Hat to retrieve them so they could melt them at the forge -make them disappear.