He lives in Japan for most of his life, though. Asian foreigners have pressure to learn Japanese perfectly. As far as I remember I’ve literally never seen a jvlogger go to a beach in Japan. I kinda like when jvloggers do the old “look at me go shopping in Harajuku!! I think they go great together It gives them the confidence to approach a guy with less fear. I hope she falls pregnant just so we can see what kind of disaster she brings into the world… mostly her terrible parenting skills.

They are much healthier just living off dog biscuits and dog food, when I see some veggie making some shitty bean thing for their poor dog I feel like crying. I can kind of understand the one Rachel and Jun started, because the poor thing was tarred, starving, had a broken leg, and his tail was barely held onto his body. Especially during hanami with their stupid hang outs outside. You shouldn’t have to feel like it’s your duty as a vlogger in japan to show Japan to the world and film all of these things. Did we all watch the same video? And when she does show people Japanese places, it’s more like “Oh hey, I was doing a gig and we just so happened to stop by here”. I didn’t believe in Karma until last year it showed me it does exist. Mira is a pathological liar, and when there’s no drama for her to cover up she goes out of her way to create fake stories detailing her heroism instead.

I think they go great together Especially those who were supporting jvlob, and were always there for her when she needed help.

This pic had jin caption: I’ve heard someone talk about it before but I can’t remember who. It’s full of weeaboos, but extreme. If you ever see news stories of how a bunch of men in Europe had rachdl “sexual emergency” and had to gang-rape a 5-year-old boy or something, then you see the country the rapists are from, it is always Africa of The Middle East, never Malaysia.

I know some people weebs need validation to know the Japanese race finds them attractive and fuckable visa material thus house waifu but it’s getting annoying. And then their most recent travel video had more coastline on the other side of the country and it was rocky cliffs. Wonder what she’ll do now, since an indication from watching some videos is that her YouTube income is a big part of the reason she can continue to stay in Japan.


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She’s like 25 right? Japanese women become like monsters after getting married which is why he married me, a civilized open minded western woman” it’s garbage. I always said, ‘why do people wear it, its like poo'” — Kanadajin at 5 min [1] See Also [ edit ] Weeaboo dyslexia Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Girl Drama Dramz Links [ edit ] kanadajin3 A voice from Japan — Her English-only channel where you get to learn about how bad white people are.

Maybe it wasn’t worded well, but there is a “level” of Christian, from liberal to evangelical.

Ima call BS on we go for opposites My spouse may not physically resemble my dad but persona wise No jvlogger said that. They know that most Japanese people don’t want to be recorded but have cameras out without explanation anyway. I’m also a little suspicious because he looks korean and some posts have said that her boyfriend is indeed korean.

She should stop being such a hypocrite wear a burqa in real life. After Mira caught wind of the thread, she decided to do the wise thing by making about a dozen sockpuppet accounts to defend her asshole.

It would become another Walmart-topia. Her dream is to be a housewife in Japan and have Japanese babies. Japan is nice but come on, it isn’t that nice. He lives in Japan for most of his life, though. In the video, she ate fried shit and sugary desserts….

It just wouldn’t be necessary for her to be on set everyday. Sign in Already have an account? But he can be such a tool, there was that video with him and his wife shopping in a supermarket before his son was born and I remember him filming her, she was getting so so annoyed by it.

He should me where I could buy it.

I agree Venus video wasn’t a great idea, but it’s based on her facial features. Put some effort into yourself, bitch. The art, dialogue, and composition are all awful. That eyeliner doesn’t do anything for her round eyes, it makes her look creepy. I think she vlogs exclusively in English for a reason. American White men say the same thing about white women which is why some of them marry Russian male order brides or go after Fillipina chicks.

If I was a vlogger I’d keep my family as far as fucking possible from the idiots on the internet. Not to mentoin people using her but I cannot deal with the daftness her videos will contain and yet people will still call her cute.


I don’t have any more time or patience for someone who I gave so many chances to, even after I knew they were trying to screw me over. Contrary to what tumblr would have you think it’s possible to have an interest in something culture related without being an appropriating trans ethnic weeb. Mira made her own response video where she tried to be so confusing and abstract that no one would be able to figure out if she was admitting to anything or not. It’s fun watching PDR be stoic and sarcastic in his videos but then just laugh immediately whenever Mimei shows up.

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How old is she? Does she not notice it?

It’s not a bad thing to want to lose weight. Sadly i was the victim of it lol but i deserved it i guess.

Mira survives on YouTube by giving her videos attention grabbing names with a weird often misleading thumbnail. She’s like those weird home school kids who were surrounded by middle aged adults and never learned to communicate with peers. U never see asian women married to white guys being all braggy and shoving their relationship down ppls throats and the “i married a asian dude now im special” bullshir its only white girls doing this i watch them because its cringy n love watching the husbands gradually get jaded cuz thats how guys are when they fuck the same pussy for so long n its a fact doesnt matter how attractive a girl is any guy will get sick of her if shes too pushy.

But yeah, there are crazy people out there who project their lifestyles on others, which sucks.

Weaboo drama

She hardly looked vapid more like a nervous or even a annoyed smile. People around must feel conforted. PNG somehow her hair looks good here. Despite being called Miranda in various videos, being called Miranda by drana ex-boyfriend, and having old accounts on other websites under the name Miranda, she flat out lies to her viewers and insists her name has always been only Mira.

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