Han Young Kwang Support Role. Episode 31 Having learned the attack route of the vanguard troops through Dae So, Yang Jeong busily prepares a countermeasure. Soseono on the other hand was purely love all the devotion support sacrifices suffering political partnership were choices made by them both for each other. I really love the story. The influence of “hallyu” or Korean wave, spread through Asian countries and reduced Western cultural dominance in the Asian market, What we have in the end is therefore a closure, a coming into full circle. After a trip into the outer world Jumong grows and learns that there is more to life than boozing and womanizing.

They continue with the merriment at this small banquet, one they never had together because of their life as founders of Damul. According to the production company, Song Ji-hyo will be playing the role of an intern reporter Cho Min-joo. She was the one who pushed and supported the Emperor inside out regardless the criticims she was receiving from her subordinates. Woo-tae 81 episodes, Beol Gae suggests that the king proclaim the Prince Royal to the throne as soon as possible, in order to strengthen the royal authority. After thinking for a moment, Yu Hwa takes off the jade ring that she wore around her neck and hands it to Ju Mong, telling him to give it to the woman he loves.

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After considering at length, So Seo No decides to embark on the long journey to accumulate wealth. All are in favor of Ohyi for Buyoung. The husband just looks at the wife… …the wife looks at the husband… …and drops her gaze as she smiles. As they round a corner they are seen by Soseono and her father from a distance. Joongwon gently gathers Yihwa to him.


Indeed, the acting was lovely. She is almost perfect.

He warns that if she tries to put him under surveillance one more time, he will consider Hahu Cheon a spy of Han and cut his throat. Jealous Soseono learning why Jumong withdrew. Comments which break the rules will be moderated or erased.

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Complete Box Set No Sub. She could fight and fought when she needed to. I was mad they got married for political reasons even though they loved each other. This drama originally aired in Korea in The character development was amazing to watch. In despite, Daeso holds Lady Yuhwa and Yesoya while pregnant with her son Yuri hostage in the palace. For years this couple had together perfected sophistication that there was nothing left novel about life.

All because of one person Sometimes, viewers themselves become Daejoyeo, Yu Hwa is stunned to see Ju Mong, whom she had thought dead.

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He debuted in and rose to stardom with the historical drama “Jumong”. I read hundreds of sources, to tell the truth. Ju Mong by Lyric.


It was magnificent how both mother and child survived that treatment. As is proper, Soya shows deference to her husband while in public, by walking slightly behind him. Jumong singlehandedly rescues Buyoung.

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Young Po decides to get rid of Ju Mong. I have a sort of craze for Korean series but I always have to push myself to finish them as most casy over 60 episodes with one hour long episodes and some episodes contain an hour of not much action.

She goes to Geum Wa and stresses that they must get her out as soon as possible. He rescued her and she is happy she met him, and she tells him so. Yihwa would have already been there, at the other side of life and at rest, had he not interfered. Min Ji Young lday. After lots of drama and different situations Jumong is forced to hide in a local jail where he meets his future master.

Domun comes back to protect Da-in. Yeon Ta Bal is apprehended by Dae So on the charge of being a war profiteer Oi 81 episodes,