Pig Shit and Dog shit are also brothers. But it would be nothing without the fight sequences. A violent gang is abducting and killing women around Thailand. Your email address will not be published. But luck is on Vitaya controls rhino poaching business and She convinces them to train her in their martial arts style, and learns that they have come together to defeat the Jaguar Gang, who abduct “special” young women.

As they are knocked out, Deu rouses herself using the pain of Sanim’s passing, and fights with London and the other two members in turn, defeating each of them. Deu, having been drugged, tries to escape and finds out the reason why the Jaguar gang abducts these specific women. By continuing to use this website, you accept the use of cookies. Warrior King 2 The story is set in s Siam. By the time we’re introduced to the storyline of the villains harvesting the tears of their victims, you’ll be rolling your eyes and saying “oh please”. After the son foils an attempt to steal a priceless Thai artifact, the family becomes national heroes and the target of revenge by the criminal gang whose robbery they stopped.

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The movie received mostly positive praise. Jeeja played Deu, a young girl in Thailand with some attitude.

You can now proceed to book tickets at Amerin Cineplex, click the link below to continue. You can forget about Marc Dacascos and his capoeira once this lot starts kicking ass, especially in the flurry of fight scenes in the first quarter of the movie.

With a Siamese title that translates to “stubborn, beautiful and fierce”, this “Raging Phoenix” joins the recent rich vein of Thai action movies that compete and hold their own against the stuff that we get from Hollywood. She then learns of their martial arts style and pushes to jeejx taught. The Second Part Family Friendly.


Raging Phoenix with Yanin Jeeja

Panna Rittikrai, Petchtai Wongkamlao. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. This serving of Thailand action has a cool style to it and once again shows off the awesome skills of Yanin Jeeja, the female martial arts actor from Chocolate!

At the end, Yanin finally meets her match — a hulking Amazonian fighter by the name of Roongtawan Jindasing, a real-life bodybuilder and judo expert. It is then that some men come out of nowhere and try to kidnap her but she is rescued by a man named Sanim played by Kazu Patrick Tang. More info on Movie Regions here.

They attempt to escape from London with the drugged and limp Pai, but London corners them near a sequence of rope bridges, and the real fight begins.

A violent gang is abducting and killing women around Thailand. This is an advertisement. Sanim tries to take Deu away from the fighting but instead mofie Pai. Enable All Save Changes. Full Cast and Crew.

London recovers and takes both Deu and Pai to where the rest of the team is being beaten by two Jaguar Members. Pai as Sarocha Ruampaothai Klongkrit Klaydang When the owner of a major elephant camp is murdered, Kham finds himself the number one suspect and on the run from both the police and the deceased’s vengeful twin nieces.

Jeeja Yanin – Raging Phoenix (part 1)

In spite of the good lensing and breath-taking backdrop, all of the meticulously choreographed fight action is hampered by an uncomfortable packaging that tries to cover romance and some hocus-pocus mystical backstory as well puoenix, resulting in ful, overlong final product with an extended climax fulll an unnecessarily elaborate ending. The story is set in s Siam. This article has multiple issues. Revolves around Uncle Sawang and his niece Jakkalan whose lives turn into chaos after Jakkalan is hired to transport some smuggled goods to ruthless gangsters.


On top of that the gang that Deu joins are also masters of a fictional martial art called Meyraiyuth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She learns that The Jaguar gang only abducts women with a certain “smell”, a smell that Deu has, which they use to make a special perfume—and that the secret of her new kung fu is not simply drunkenness, but emotional pain.

Jaguar London Marc Hoang The main fighting style for the film, Meyraiyuth, is a fictional drunken style of B-boying infused Muay Thai which strongly resembles Phofnix. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Articles with topics of unclear notability from January All articles with topics of unclear notability Film articles with topics of unclear notability Articles with multiple maintenance issues Phownix containing Thai-language text.

You are now leaving Cinema Online’s ragiing. A group of “fight club” friends, whose styles vary from Muay Thai, Capoeira to Kung Fu and Tai Chi, must join forces and fight for their lives in a daring rescue of a kidnapped friend. Raging Phoenix 6.