Her personality is no longer bubbly and cheerful, and what’s worst, she’s not chasing after Naoki anymore! Left with no choice, Khushi gets engaged to Shyam. Will he or Mitchie ever find out? Khushi is deeply disturbed and embarrassed. Please read and review. Later, Shyam is astonished to see Khushi in the party. Shyam jokes with Anjali about getting remarried. Shyam anticipates Anjali’s death and makes arrangements for her funeral.

Bubbly ruins Manorama’s surprise gift, to trap Payal. But what will she do when she finds out that he feels the same way? K – English – Family – Chapters: Arnav becomes grim again when the alcohol wears off. Can they be mended, or are they forced to live in darkness forever? Meanwhile, Payal calls up Arnav to enquire about Khushi.

Doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt I love by IzzyMorgensternXX reviews Set during 3×08, Jasper returns to his Princess but will he be able to make everything right again?

Kushi Par Sitam ”Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon”

But, when she goes off to collage she makes new friends, does epislde in school, and then he comes back into her life. This is a story about finding the love of your life when you least expect it Pretty Little Liars – Rated: Will Khushi reveal the truth to everyone? Will She marry her fiance or go back to her first love.

When she gets kidnapped, will her life ever be the same again? Someone lies, someone else will die. Is this another trick?

Smitchie, Naitlyn Camp Rock – Rated: Arnav is amused to see Khushi dressed like Manorama. I let him over to my apartment and we were talking and then our conversation just turned into something physical.

Kushi Par Sitam ”Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon” – video dailymotion

I think you should speak now. Lucas Friar just began his medical residency and his mom keeps bugging him about his love life to which Lucas has no time for.


He loses his temper when Khushi tries to force him to address Garima as mother. Will she find the papers? Nani declares that the starplayee will get a forty-year-old Natraj idol as the award.

She tries to defend Lavanya and explain her view to Arnav.

Aarav is diabetic

Her world is turned upside down when Lucas comes back to town after leaving right before they were supposed to go to the ski lodge and resolve the triangle. She tries to get him to pjaar all her questions, but fails to do so. Why does Khushi warn him about Shyam’s plan? In an hour, I’ll be Mitchie, popular, well known kid.

Khushi panics when Akash obediently signs.

The Man in Me by justinamarieomg reviews Demi is in search of her brother Zac. Anjali panics as the car goes out of control due to brake failure. Will she tell him the truth about Shyam? Read to find out! Will Baek Seung Jo be able to help her? Please enter your Password for confirmation. Her brothers Lucas and Nathan have no idea neither does her bestfriend Selena. After Summer by Gabriella Somerfield reviews Sequel to my story Before Summer-which has in summer as well- find out if after summer can be any better then before.

If you were alone, in a room, with a girl that only your wildest dreams could invent, would you take the opportunity?

What Name Shall I Give This Love? All Episodes –

Khushi tends to Arnav when she finds him. While celebrating Bhaiduj, Anjali shouts at Arnav for being rude to Khushi. The Road Trip by miissnoname reviews Riley stays in her safe zone never wondering 3370 until something happens that makes her rethink her life.


Why can’t I forget my feelings for Irie-kun… you guys asked for M but that will happen later. Khushi lies to Garima when she asks about her married life. Payal lies to Khushi about her love for Akash.

Later, Khushi decides to take Arnav to her place for a few days. But unfortunately keeping things secret sometimes has bad effects. Nani asks Arnav to drop Khushi home. Miracles Do Is by creative.

Rated T because I wanted to: Love Story by taylorcochran reviews Riley moves to a new school, second semester of her senior year. How to add a video: I wish I was better at summaries.

Will the gang be able to bring her back? From the episode where they go to the beach.

Doonn the beginnings by justplainoldme24 reviews Camp rock never happen, but music did. Not the end by princessdancingsunshine3 reviews This takes place after the triangle. Khushi and Nanda Kishore wish to have desi entertainment at the party. She’s feeling unattractive and unloved, and she finds a solution for her misery. Arnav is concerned about Khushi, but hides ies from Lavanya. Her life is now in a twist. Meant for Rucas shippers who are willing to read something new. Mitchie realizing it was a mistake too late and Shane is no longer hers.

Read to find what happens!