To bring close them with yourself. He asks anyromantic moments made by Khushi. Khushi says when she tries to something good,everything goes wrong. Spoiler Pics – 18th August – Sangeet Pics. Arnav says nothing has changed. January 17, at 1:

She isscared, he tells its for her bt she rejects and when he forces she takesit frm him. He says he never thought anything likethis will happen in life but it did. Arnav asks Akash about the medicines but Manorma says that she wants to be left alone. Join or Log Into Facebook. It is a really nice and awesome post Khushi says sorry to Payal. He is worried about Anjali right now.

But she is sleeping? Anjali says she will never say like this again and shekisses him on forehead and they hug. She takes it and unwraps it, takes out the sari and giveshim and k she dont want it. Somebody please tell me the details about dates, timings, ticket bookings and etc. Khushi says when she tries to something good,everything goes wrong.

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On the other side, Khushi is explaining to Nani that Arnav came backbecause on the last moment, his meeting got cancelled. Garcinia Cambogia Herbs is well known as HCA that is clinically proven for epislde effectiveness in weight management. Just then Arnav walks in and asks her to take her medicines. Like Us On Social Networks.


Khushi says sorry to Payal. Akash too understands finallyand tells Payal lets start afresh but please be episoxe not do mistake likeKhushi ever?.

Anjali enters her room feeling betrayed.


Anjali asks him to leave her alone and shuts the door upxate his face. Anjali gets a blank call which leaves her a little puzzled. Payal tells Akash that she is toopart of family and want to help Anjali.

Khushi just says Buaji. Nani thinks they should return home. Anjali says time has changed, since Arnav has stopped answering to herquestions, everything has changed. Anjali tells Nani that she needs a baby boy just likeShyam. Sections of this page. He says he fell in love afterthey got married. She ask whats problem. He tries to be soft and asks her to wearit. And sheknows how to tangle with it.

Khushi says Madhumatiji is sick.

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Sections of this page. Web Toolbar by Wibiya. Akash and Payal sleeping on the bed?. She sees the person and gets scared. Sections of epissode page.

He asks her to open the door. She asks him not to talk like this again and Arnav also asks her never to feel he has lied to her. So she needs to go there. I am glad to see that your web site share valued info that can assist to several readers.


Arnav tells Anajli that he didn? Arnav asks her not to thinklike that ever. January 20, at 1: And i am really appreciate your effort. Anjali asks him about the meeting and he starts explaining but Manorma starts off with her nonsense again Nani asks her to shut up and she walks away.

Akash freshens up and fumes atPayal. A movie is used for an entertainment of busy people. He asks anyromantic moments made by Khushi. Arnav suddenly sees that?. Hehad seens Shyam with Khushi? Ann Jarvis had been a peace lobbyist who directed to harmed contenders on both sides of the American Civil War, and filled Mother’s Heart with joy Work Clubs to address general restorative issues.

Happy happy new year. Arnav says no one canbetween them, she was an important part of his life and will always be.

Akash tells why should Khushi advice him abt how he should goalong with his future life.