Shall we let her know in fb and twitter. Akash reminds her that he will pick them both up tomorrow for the party, and Khushi gets upset at the Laad Governor and his party again. Yeah kya bol rahe ho ap… i dont understand this language yaar…. Missed them from heart. Abba galti hogayi yeh sab likh kar…Abhi bhi TU is troubling me.. Hey Kato guleharis check this out… even chandra nandini is going off air http: Watch the episode here.

Khushi also loses her balance and falls in Arnav? Missed them from heart. She ties a rakhi and sings Bhaiya morey rakhi ke…. She says it is her bridal dress. Arnav hears this and stops. Even before the blossom of modernization in Indian culture, kurta, sarees, and salwar kameez had been part of India’s unique civilization. She leaves and Shyam says hewill have to do something else now to win her.

Abhay’s mom comes and gets shocked to see all the gifts and toys. Abhay throws that toy with anger. She epispde come home and tryit. Sasha says I always wanted a good looking and cool brother like Advay, Lord makes one person for all of us, Lord made her for you.

I love that Khushi was a teensy bit jealous that Arnav called Payal. To bring close them with yourself. Abhay pyaad that he is going to tell this good news for Anjali’s family very soon.

The most beautiful woman at the venue. Khushi flinches a bit and Arnav is watching her.


Missed them from heart. Star plus all ready slipped from 1st place. When are Arnav and Khushi coming to the UK?? Previous Page 2 of 2. He wants her to admit she wants to come to his party. Aditi comes with a pysar of sweets and says “Did i come in wrong time??

TU is back to form. Khushi updahe, outraged, and it upsets Arnav when NK follows. This is my Khushi. She says I just saved our relation. When he says he is Nandkishore speaking Madhumati gets a divine feelingShe asks? Yes sunanda ur right…. Shyam isscolded for not creating chemistry with Anjali.

It is a really nice and awesome post And i am really appreciate your effort. Astha clears the room by listening the Aditi words. Hum bol rahehain Nandkishore!?


Gals all u kato guleharis… come come group ok we did it… finally …. His voice was too soft, too intimate. Aditi says did anything went wrong by seeing Astha’s hand hurt. He wants it to be unspoken between them that he will drive her around, protect her, introduce her to new things.

Abhay gets gifts for Jyothi. He says to his mom that they are going out and they will eat the food in any restaurant. Advay recalls Chandni and asks Nani did you see Chandni.

Madhumati is singing something when Garima asks her about certainclothes she finds in her cupboard.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon – video dailymotion

Christmas Wishes Quotes happy new year messages propose day quotes rose day chocolate day images hug day sms kiss day happy teddy day Astha says, What is need of doing like this. Aditi also says to Sojal not to worry and she also says that she will help Astha. Aditi says that she will make him to play. Abhay wants to take Jyothi outside so that she can get relaxed and he also thinks of doing the shopping.


Posted by Y SriMani at 6: I was noticing from many days that your blog is helping too many readers as your articles are easy to understand and helpful to us. The flower incident might have acatch which she doesn?

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Sasha opens cupboard to get lahenga. He wants to do those things for Khushi. NK calls, he asks if she isplanning a late entry in the party.

Kavya comes to the updqte hall by shouting “Happy She asks NK to keep hishand on Khushi? Shlok says, Don’t you know where to keep the things, are you mad???. Spoiler Pics – 20th August – Remarriage Pics.