Mami’s one-liners – remix! P just the bit when on their marriage day, Heer’s evil uncle poisons her food and she dies.. Shyam jokes with Anjali about getting remarried. Gargi April 1, at 3: Will she tell anybody anything about this? Will Arnav appreciate her gesture?

Khushi learns that Arnav has cleared Shyam’s hospital bills. And she refuses to speak to him further Arnav buys a family home. That will help to change ODB view point about K and may build a small brick to the trust. Arthi I think your explanation makes more sense! Khushi is sad and upset on seeing Shyam’s condition. He doesn’t have to He rescues her, but Khushi accuses him of trying to kill her.

He, too, is thinking about Khushi a lot.

Khushi comes home to find everybody angry. Saw the new promo, read the spoiler about a Heer Ranjha song and dance Manorama taunts the Gupta family about not making any wedding arrangements. Arnav does not tell the cop that he is the driver. After all his pompous remarks on his brain and her lack of it?! However, Arnav hurts the family when he brings a new air conditioner and toiletries in the house. Shyam avoids confrontation with Khushi.

She tells Khushi that as per the terms, she has to pay them if she breaches the contract. But Khushi retaliates and punctures his car tyre.

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ODB does not know anything about common courtesy, right? Poor Arnav everyone knows his weakness and they all happily exploit it. Arnav on the other hand, also keeps thinking about Khushi. Arnav and Khushi argue about who will win the dance competition. Anjali asks Khushi to train Lavanya, but she declines the offer stating Arnav’s presence as the reason.


Khushi tends to Arnav when she finds him. Khushi lights a mosquito coil and the smoke starplayrr Arnav lose his voice. Nani starplayrr also irate that Manorama is a slacker when it comes to housework. She completes it and submits the reports on time.

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What will his answer be? I don’t see Payal-Mami anywhere in the pics, so obviously they have gotten held up somewhere ; Will be back at episode time with the new post: Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. She calls up the police and gets them arrested. Will Arnav reveal his feelings to Khushi?

Meanwhile, Arnav and Khushi fight to sleep on their favourite side. Later, Khushi demands the truth from Arnav. Khushi’s last attempt to get back Arnav’s voice Later, Madhumati tells her parents about Shyam.

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On meeting Anjali, Khushi changes her mind about exposing Shyam. Heer is poisoned by her uncle on her marriage day and Ranjha can’t save her so he kills himself.


Arnav tells Lavanya that he has no feelings for her and decides to inform his family as well. Initially too I had thought that the spoler giver may have mistaken a playact to be a dance.

Arnav and Khushi are locked in their honeymoon suite without phones or electricity. And he can’t and won’t forget that Meanwhile, Anjali and Shyam try to change Arnav’s view on marriage. Manorama accuses Payal of attempting to murder her. Meanwhile, Shyam learns about Shashi’s heart disease. Arnav is epksode to know that Khushi has got a job in his company.

Nani and Anjali arrange honeymoon for the couples in Raizada house

Khushi and Nanda Kishore wish to have desi entertainment at the party. The contractor refuses to pay Khushi. Anjali gets gifts from her husband.

Shyam steals Anjali’s necklace in order to frame Khushi. Meanwhile, the fuse goes off while Lavanya replaces a bulb.

However, Arnav intervenes and stops her from telling the truth. Will Khushi and Arnav express their feelings to each other?