Jock Carswell Aubrey Richards British intelligence worries that the meeting could harm England’s relations with its allies and damage Churchill’s reputation, so operative Boyd Stuart is dispatched to get to the papers first. British Film Designers Guild. The brainwashing scene is quite amusing and cliched by todays standards with psychodelic images, trippy music and “You-are-getting-sleepy In contrast to Bond’s public school background and playboy lifestyle, Palmer is a working class Londoner who lives in a Notting Hill bedsit and has to put up with red tape and inter-departmental rivalries. It deals with a flashback fictional clandestine meeting between Churchill and Hitler at the height of the Second World War, which is central to the plot. A military historian, Deighton knows the intelligence game is often played by some pretty mundane people for whom real-world issues and personal agendas may take priority over their spy work.

It was filled with possibilities.. I’d take that as flattery, were I Jon Stock. European Film Awards Harry Saltzman gave Jimmy Sangster a copy of the novel to read. Caine plays a British secret service agent who is assigned to find out who is brainwashing the country’s top scientists. Accedi alla tua posta e fai click sul link per convalidare il tuo commento. Published May 28th by Harper first published March 9th

The writing is competent enough; it’s the plot that isn’t fully fleshed out. Guy Icpress and Nigel Green head up a brilliant supporting cast which include a few familiar British faces. Un direttore d’orchestra in pensione Michael Caine afflitto da un passato che gli impedisce di tornare a teatro.

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ipcresz Again, you have a steering wheel but no rudder. Learn more More Like This. See “Top Grossers of “, Variety5 January p. It has among the best plot twists of Deighton’s novels, but I think the appeal of this one is, atypically, the characters at the center who aren’t spies, just poor schlubs who are caught in the middle but who have a fascinating intertwined history and some ipcrews of character and sense of morality.


I read some of Deighton’s books many years ago, but other than “The Ipcress File”, I don’t recall any of them, though as I begin to read his books again, some traka which I’m quite sure will be re-reads, I’m happy that his rediscovery.

This book also carries one of Deighton’s little quirks regarding alcohol.

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There is not enough actual fact to carry it into long term respectability. Init was included at number 59 on the BFI list of the best British films of the 20th century. This one I got this from the collection of a friend of my family here in Denmark, ippcress passed away last year.

Really enjoyed that, old boy. Scopri tutte le recensioni della stampa. Ross had previously asked him to microfilm the file and Palmer now believes that he is being set up. Jan 21, Robert rated fiilm really liked it. Dalby goes for his gun and Palmer shoots him.

Accedi alla tua posta e fai click sul link per convalidare. There are still moments of the classic Deighton style. Harry Saltzman gave Jimmy Sangster a copy of the novel to read.

Aug 08, spike marlin rated it really liked ipcresw. He briefly resided in Blackrock, County Louth in Ireland. I picked up this edition at a second-hand book stall somewhere in the UK for some airplane reading, realising that I had probably read it some 30 years ago when it was first published.

After leaving school, Deighton worked as a railway clerk before performing his National Service, which he spent as a photographer for the Royal Air Force’s Special Investigation Branch. Retrieved 1 August He also wears glasses and in one scene, chats up his female work colleague whilst cooking. The tdama concerns some Nazi documents that are hidden at the end of the war along with a cache of Nazi gold that have damning evidence of how Churchill tried ipfress sue for peace in the dark days of May Oct 09, Howard rated it liked it.

The protag seems to miss this I’ve read some of the criticisms of the book, and I can see below that some people give it five stars. I would imagine, if you are like me of a certain age, and you have done a Michael Caine impression, you have probably done him as either his character from Zulu, or one of his early spy films.


Carswell borrows Palmer’s car to test his theory on Radcliffe, but is shot before reaching him. Mono Westrex Recording System. At best it was a lazy attempt to copy Frederick Forsyth.

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Nothing stands up and grabs you. Originally published on my blog here in July That said, the story – stolen N Reminds me how much I need to get back to him. Fred, compositore e direttore d’orchestra famoso, non ha alcuna intenzione di tornare a trrama un’orchestra anche se a chiederglielo fosse la regina Elisabetta d’Inghilterra. E’ Harry Palmer, l’agente segreto inglese protagonista di ben hrama film, “Ipcress”, “Funerale a Berlino” e “Il cervello da un miliardo di dollari”.

Feb 15, Mike Glaser rated it really liked it. Have I any choice?

The Rough and the Smooth

The story follows MI6 agent Boyd Stuart as he works to prevent the documents from being published, and the efforts of the people who have the documents to publish them. Regia di Paolo Sorrentino. British Film Designers Guild. Fabio Ferzetti Il Messaggero.

It’s just that here such moments are few and far between and not enough to pull this up and away from being a run of the mill Deighton. Aug 13, Tim rated it really liked it. His coffee would be so weak that he couldn’t possibly wake up. Trivia Joan Collins had been tramz for the role of Jean Courtney.