Hwang Jung Eum Main Cast. But that sad moment is abruptly cut short when Prosecutor Kwon appears and shoots Se-kwang point-blank. He seemed to have lived a very lonely existence too. As philosopher Bertrand Russell puts it: Well, Joong Man was a bit of a mean guy. The scariest thing about Se Kwang is that he actually believes what he is doing is right. Angelina is still in doubt and just screaming at SG.

She adds that they ended up like this because of their own greed and obsession. I liked the show in the beginning but loved it by the end. Dude, a little more gratitude for the woman who just saved your life, huh? Delicatecloud April 8, at With that in mind, the battle which clocked in at Jae-in beats herself up for being the last to know and asks why her father decided to show up now, twenty-five years after he first left them. Dumb bastard threw away the person who seriously cared about him.

I did wish too that she did not die: She didn’t get to do much besides turning over the deposit slip. I just wish more people are watching this fantastic drama. I’m about 5 episodes back.


Jae-in pouts to Mom that her son is insensitive for proposing to his beloved without a ring. Maybe this is the reason why l be single forever. Not one to be outdone, he asks for a bigger and more expensive bag. Normally I need romance in my dramas, but even if Jae In was not in the picture I would adore this show. This was a pretty good drama, crazy some incarnatlon but decent overall.


Se-kwang would never trust anyone; least epsode all the group who helped him commit the first murder.

What really stood out to me about IOM is that it wasn’t about the revenge of a man against another bad man. So if stuff had stoppe there, we’d be cool with him avenging. Prosecutor Kwon puts on a bravado that without an outright verbal confession, he can easily deny the extortion accusations as false. Overall, thanks for the recaps, Gummimochi.

He gained his conscience. Loved Boss Bok’s poem. But he roars at her to shut up and to leave him be. Jung Eun Pyo Supporting Cast. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, episoe adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. They knew money can buy you anything as they said “money can buy anything”.

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See you later in V. I am glad to have made your acquaintance too Daydreamer.

It is one hell of a road here. Guess I don’t want to believe she would gain weight after everything she went through to lose it. As Ji-hoo sits in her room, nursing a drink, she recalls the rest of the conversation we left off from the previous episode. That’s what I meant by a ‘tragic story’ as well, I wasn’t just focusing on the past. The death of Se Kwang by murder poisoning by Angelina and suicide was not enough for me. There are many unanswered questions – what happened to the YSCU?


Episode 12 by LollyPip. I never used to care for guys in suits but after watching k-drama, I am beginning to appreciate a man in great business attire.

A truly kickass women of a prosecutor and now judge wouldn’t find it so conflicting to choose between that creep and justice. Woken me up completely!

I love her the best when she was a fatty especially when she does that squeak I couldn’t stop laughing. I think in drama-land it is called divine justice – all the bad guys have to die.

I love his smile there at the end!