He dodges all of them and Hayate finally shows himself to him. Views Read Edit View history. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This page was last edited on 5 February , at Soon after arriving in school, Kabamaru inadvertently saves some students from being bullied by an older student called Shirakawa. Retrieved from ” https: The 24 episodes were broadcast in Japan by Nippon Television between October 20, , and March 29, , every Thursday from Shizune initially considers Kabamaru an interfering pest, so he orders him dealt with.

This is cut short when Hayate challenges Kabamaru, revealing himself as Mai’s kidnapper. A few days later, Kabamaru is taking a nighttime stroll when he is suddenly challenged by shuriken and throwing knives. Cover of the first manga volume. Kaoru The Kunoichi” Transcription: World Cup Touch 2: The Antidote of Revival” Transcription: A few days later, Maejima receives an invitation to a date by a person he assumes to be Mai.

Just as everyone thinks Hayate has drowned, he emerges from the water in the arms of the Buddhist statue from the temple. He gives Shirakawa drugged candy and instructs him to deliver them to Shizune, both knowing that Kabamaru is certain to devour them first.

Regardless, Shizune and his clique head outside to train and are later joined by Ran and Mai. This ,abamaru plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. The following day, Kabamaru instructs everyone to stay indoors because a blizzard is imminent. Mystery of the Epusode Baseball” Transcription: The five events are falling from a height on a balloon Kabamaru winsswimming Hayate winsthrowing shuriken while horseriding Kabamaru winsfood eating contest Hayate wins – Kabamaru is disqualified because he missed an olive and remaining on the roof of a car driven by a student of the opponent school Kabamaru wins after being promised 1, plates of yakisoba noodles by Shijune.


After this incident Mai grows to appreciate Kabamaru more. He also begins training students in martial arts to act as his bodyguards against future assaults. The two families vie for control over the whole of Japan, and their children have moved that skb onto the school grounds. Asu ni Mukatte Hashire Touch: A Man’s Choices” Transcription: You can help by adding to it. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Do You Know My Tama? He dodges all of them and Hayate finally shows himself to him.

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He disguises his guilt and self-loathing by urging Kabamaru to forget their friendship and stay in the mountains. This choice haunted him ever since.

The conventional storyline ends on the second to last episode. All the girls have a crush on him, including Mai. Kabamaru is in his adolescence when his grandfather dies. The plan almost works, but Kabamaru offers one candy to Ran, who later faints in the middle of the road.


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The statue removes its disguise and reveals himself as the chef of the yakisoba restaurant Kabamaru has been visiting during the entire series.

The Pair from the Village of Shinobi” Transcription: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In the meantime, Hayate intends to use Mai’s kidnapping to anger Kabamaru into fighting him. This time, both cheat by bringing their gangs with them and an all-out confrontation between the students and staff of the two schools ensues. Indeed, while everybody sleeps, Shizune sees the statue moving.


This is cut short when Hayate challenges Kabamaru, revealing himself as Mai’s kidnapper. Maejima comes to epksode mistaken conclusion that Kabamaru is the mastermind behind the dormitory attack and has deliberately created the love letter misunderstanding to mock him.

News of Mai’s kidnapping and Shirakawa’s injury reach Shizune, along with a one-on-one challenge from Maejima at the docks.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Shinobi no Sato no Futari ” Japanese: Later that night, he disguises himself and attacks Kabamaru with a bat but ends up injuring Shizune in the arm instead. While Hayate has some qualms about fighting his friend, he also believes this will give him closureletting him forget his haunting memories and start over. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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