I have seen the taiwan version, this version is much better, in almost everything especially acting of all the characters. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. She didn’t even call him and explain, just left a message. So settle it with her. On the other hand, the same info is also discoverable elsewhere, yes? I find it ironic that Se Ra’s attempts to show her intimacy with him led Gun to see the heart shaped candy and remember everything. She tells him to go do what he needs to do.

On the topic of us being on FIRE: The kiss you referred to was preceded by the elevator rescue scene. She waves and smiles at him from across the street, and he waves back at her. It also helps that they didn’t drag it on longer,let’s just celebrate that. Moon-shik receives an angry visit from Assemblyman Kim, who accuses Moon-shik of masterminding his downfall. Secretary Jang mentions that she read an article claiming that the conversation was manipulated, but it does little to put Dong-soo at ease.

Certainly not what we hoped for, but not exactly what we dreaded. The song has not been realised yet. Hae-woo knows he’s yi soo except there isn’t that definite “i saw you in action” kind of proof.

Missing You Episode 11 Recap

Her friend Mi-ok is swooning as well, over her rainy meet-cute with Jung-bong, while their friend Ja-hyun is crying over a broken heart. She still looks through it anyway, and pauses during the point when Yi-soo was leaving first at the gala.

A successful designer, but somehow her relationship with Harry really warped her self confidence. But just as she rises, Doctor Moon jumps in to stop her, issuing complete bedrest until he says otherwise. I was never into dramas until two years ago when I came across this blog.


Sorry for the mis lengths I’ve gone to.

My love for Nice Guy only goes so far, because I found it hard to connect with the characters there too. GB, You guys are seriously hilarious!

When Sun-woo calls and Hyung hands the phone to Jung-hwan, Jung-hwan just passes it right over to Bora without a word. OhSoEnthusiastic August 7, at 5: If you want to use that premise in your story, you misa responsibilities and you must be honest with the way you write the psychological portrait episove your characters. NovaKarlina January 12, at Devastated, Mi-young stands agape as Gun walks hand-in-hand with Se-ra right past her.

It is so well played throughout the scenes. Of course, this is entirely my own problem, and I don’t blame anyone for feeling this way.

I Miss You: Episode 4 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I immediately flashed back to that scene in “Age of Innocence” too! I have 3 finals in 4 days and all I care about is this drama!

I’m SOOO excited for the next episode. I’ve only watch till the dog got lost episode.

In the tw version, the lead man, hurt epidode leadlady by his actions and words, without amnesia. To link or not, to post or otherwise? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. After I discovered Dramabeans I started coming to you guys for recaps for every K-drama I picked up, because I loved the comments and thoughts you guys put into recounting the episodes.

He want to proved his father’s innocence, thinking his father as innocent as he thought he want to, and trying to find evidence to clear his father’s name from hit-run car accident, which it wasn’t the case, because his father commited a different crime, but YI SOo doesn’t know it yet I am so happy to be in this pool that I am hovering epdramz the surface LOL. Junghwan just makes me curl away and dies a little Detective Yoon and his partner find it suspicious how quickly the Hwang suicide is being wrapped up.


Taek and his dad will get sb to make them a home. Mollee July 5, at 9: Heartache, heartache, epdrma more heartache. I was almost on the verge of thinking, well that was anti-climatic only because i’m so used to big reveals being dragged out with a whole lotta angst in melos and whatnot but then i thought this show is just so awesome and cuts right to the chase through all the bullshit.

Hm, are the moms on strike? THAT would bring tears to 111 eyes, not this gothy self loathing thats going on here. Episode 12 by LollyPip. She’s not a caricature at all. I cant find another better review than this site. Typically, the K-dramas wait until the 11th hour epidode the characters to cop on to miiss big reveal – here they did it in the 11th episode!