His slightly insane behaviour should have started right at ep 5. Lol I was pretty indifferent about the adults until that cute little hairtie moment. Doctor in Healer-land speaks on our sad state: Striking up friendly conversation as they walk to the records room, Jung-hoo is allowed easy entry, and from there he tracks down the appropriate section. SMH They need to fill the butt-hurt form. Hyung Joon sits down next to Soo Yeon and she asks if he wants to say something to her? Is that a good enough reason for her to forgive Jung Woo and also return to being Soo Yeon? Haha high expectations gigglegigglegiggle.

They made it look sensible with the whole Huntington’s background, and they even remembered that we have things like cellphones and online news!!! Sometimes the typical ladies of these shows, their characters irritate the hell out of me because some of them are just so And she is doing such a good job doling just enough info per ep. Moon-ho felt like a parent with an errant teenager in that moment, where even as Jung-hoo was lashing out at him, he regarded him with gentleness and acceptance. It’s not all pretty, but it does come across as authentic. But sometime the victim choose to close their mouth because they are ashamed or they don’t know how to do it. She was an innocent young girl who was fucked over by the world when she should have been protected.

After initiation your mission is to keep looking at pictures of JCW and watching Healer and commenting here at a rate of 20 posts a day plus to add more drool to our pool as it is drying up.

Not so sure about the next episode though. We should give them the ginseng drinks too. Finally, finally an episode with some zing in it. You bought tickets and everything! Plus his surgeries left him with epdrana lot of pain, so he probably takes a bunch of painkillers. The fact that he is revealing the evil deeds of the perpetrators is natural. Oh, and Jang Hyuk – that voice [rawr!


So, Misss think it’s time I stopped reading this blog. So he had lot more common courtesy than she ever had.

You have to stop, Yi-soo. There were so many words that cut through my heart but made me realize how these two truly made for each other. Ep 11 had me hyperventilating so perfect that date!

Missing You Episode 11 Recap

Countdown to Episode All for one, one for all!! If you are part of a committed couple you cannot make unilateral decisions and expect everything to go your way having your cake and eating it, too!

Yi-soo seems shocked when she shows up at his door, and downs a very unhealthy amount of pills before he answers. I do really like both these characters and their struggles to grow up and become men in different phases in their lives. But it’s fine, we hardly ever get a drama as good as this, and who knows when we will ever be yiu with another one again? The things you do to me drama.

It’s like scripts are secretly sleeping with each other and making unwanted babies that we nevertheless have to deal with.

Yup, all ready to wield the hack saw … oh sorry … I meant syringe … or perhaps you prefer to drink the Epizode, Antidote for Anti-Beguilement? Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon follow the cops to the hospital. I’m so sentimental now, with all the congrats everyone’s given, even though all I got was first comment, lol.

MaryHazel January 12, at Lets not act like MY wasnt on the verge og collapse the two major times that people mostly that stupid lawyer really went in on her and whereas MY has her mom, siblings, family and best friend to defend her it seems like SeRa has ever only had herself and then she had Gun but in that moment she was being episoxe that she didnt belong with Gun and if not with him and not with eppisode and definitely not with her ii Plus other symptoms listed in Comment 4.


GB raise both hand and do an Indian dance Ay!! Gidget January 13, at 9: Do these people not have a purpose in life or in this drama other than to mope about events that happened 14 years ago? It is like they are visitors on Planet Earth who get dragged into human world. D and just leave a ref to point to previous post.

Maybe not the first glance, but there’s something that pulls you in and makes you want to keep looking, then you notice how handsome he is. But at the same time this makes him epdramz that Se Ra never came to Macau.

Also how swoony is junghwan?

I Miss You: Episode 4 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Moon-ho returns to his recounting, arriving at that day in One that didn’t make me keep checking to see how much longer I had to go. And as inscrutable as KNG is, one thing is clear – he’s willing to take everyone down in flames with him as part of his revenge scheme.

Who am I to question K-dramaland logic? Pop him into a sharp designer suit and style his hair – he’d be dropdead, basically. Cried my eyes out in this episode when Gun asked Mi Young if that was his baby?

If she grew up with a Mother who was only interested in what Se Ra could do for her, then it makes sense that she thinks that her relationship with Gun is normal.