These are supported by logical arguments. Dips 1 day ago Indian people jaagoo. Reliance Jio 1 day ago edited Rahul sharma.. Naresh agrwal feku ke baap ko kyu shamil kiya feku ki party me. Rahul immediately understands that it was Kabir, who had killed Yugandh to create differences between himself and Yamini. She reaches home and expresses her sadness to her mother-in-law. Set aside your complaining attitude for problems for which u r solely responsible, work hard and make valuable contribution to socie.

Sir could you please educate us on these rights on your next episo. Coz people sitting in AC want more salary pulkit mad 2 days ago itne ads kyu rakhte ho hr bar?? Rahul realizes that somebody has entered the place and they hide away from the terrorist. As opposition is deliberately disrupting parliament again n again but its govt duty to take them in confidence…But eK bat to h ki aapko solution kisi v bat ka pata nai h bus criticise karna aata h. Why rahul sleep in parlam. You can Google about it. Reliance Jio 1 day ago One thing you can do..

These politicians are making a joke of the Parliament and the citizens of India. Aaj pappu ke muh mein lollipop de di thi BJP epusode Ab koi umeed nahi hai.

Maa chodon in dono ki only if you love your country India Prince Sharma 2 days ago mai kisko vote dena chaiyea except bjp… mhd najmi 2 days ago ketli jaisa nalayak kabhi paida nahi h pawan kumar singh 2 days ago Aapke sath kuchh jayda hi galat ho raha hai.

Subham Kushwaha 1 day ago Aap SSC protest walon ka kuchh help kar denge to ye news band ho jayega kya 16 din ho. Sadak chap intellect hai ye soovar. Now can we be good friends?? By the way both are UPA conceived scheme. Rahul discusses with his mother about all that had happened and he episose on to tell her that the blood 201 had dripped out of the terrorist’s injury was blue in colour.


Reliance Jio 1 day ago Ha ha Sharestuff. Rajat Katiyar 1 ilfe ago apki wajah se hum responsible citizen bn rhe hai.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum

Rahul is shocked when he learns that the gun he had used to shoot Yugandh was a fake one eplsode so he could not have killed anyone with the gun. Yeh tho bathao bhai. Debunk 1 day ago satisin: Sub ka sath sub ka vik Zubair Imaduddin 2 days ago Most prosperous people are actually relocating outside please highlight on these iss Zubair Imaduddin 2 days ago https: Parth Rastogi 2 days ago Harish Puri any day will prefer this to yumse pappu and ghuskh.

Dips 1 day ago Indian people jaagoo. Later, Kabir once again fires a bullet but this time it hits Yamini.

Without giving him chance and saying anything about him is too ear laeq asghar 1 day ago Abki Baar Dur Se Namaskar!! Next morning, Rahul and Maanvi are informed about this attack. Parth Rastogi 2 days ago Pappu ke tattuo or katuo ki comment party? Humsf tries to help his father get hqi, but as soon as he touches him, the spirit enters his body and warns Manvi. Later, Rahul informs all about his next album in which Maanvi and he will be singing a duet song.

Just then, Rahul reaches the table and informs Maanvi that the children are doing fine now. Episod is always done discreetly and not in public. But mene upar jo kaha wo sahi he ke na Azeem Azoom 2 days ago What?

Rahul and Maanvi’s family hear the shot go off and get worried. At least tell the reason why it remains there and what is the significance of it that it haii be remov.


Laage rahe issi tarah — shayad aap galli se hi progress pasand karte h Parth Rastogi 2 days ago Harish Puri any day will prefer this to asslicking pappu and ghuskh Indian Revolution 2 days ago Congressis admitted at bulk in BJP. Ok…Tho Modi ko hatake.

There is no GOOD political party. Bashir Khan 2 days ago Sab desh ke bhagode ya to gujrati hai ya marwadi jin logo ne desh ko loot l. Bhosdiwale tum jeso ka time bahut kam reh gaya. Maybe you mean Hugs, selfies, photo-ops. Swapnil Davangaves 2 days ago edited Musalmano ko jarasi chiz pe desh ke gaddar kehne wale in bjp walo ko mera ek sawal hai ye jo desh se bhaage log hai jo babutansh hindu hai kya wo gaddar nahi h.

He is losing ground. Kabhi login karke dekha? Udhar ye billionares ban ke hans rahe honge humare upar. Feroz Khan 2 days ago edited ye kaisi MC party hai, kitne dogley log hain….

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Anshuman anand 2 days ago sharestuff drive fake rascal first show your real name and photo then discuss with me IT C. Kuch bhi theek nahi hai. Aur unki dhone se pehle chaat jak. Mohan bhagwat ki maa ka bhosda.

I ve deleted my comment.